How to write the perfect press release for your legal apps

Everyone wants their app to launch like a rocket with thousands eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of lift-off. We cannot guarantee mass media coverage, but we can help you achieve the perfect press release.

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your apps; it would be a shame if your target audience didn’t hear about it. With our ultimate guide, journalists and key influencers will surely take notice of your creations.

Common Mistakes

Spelling errors. It seems obvious but we have found press releases advertising ‘amaxing’ apps! Always get a fresh pair of eyes on your work.

Non-catchy titles. Your title is the first thing a journalist or potential user will read. Give them a reason to keep reading. For example, one law firm release their advice app with the following title, ‘Free legal advice services are provided by -.’ Avoid using such passive tones.

Lack of conciseness. We found press releases that were pages long. Many of the sentences added little value to the app. Leave out vague points like, ‘a new, unique app.’

The do’s

1. Consider what, who, where, when and why

As you sit down to write your press release, think about these 5 questions. All the best press releases nail these considerations.

Who is your target audience and how can they access the app? Your press release should be written with them in mind. Think about what they would want to hear and why they need to download your app.

Fieldfisher answered these questions in the opening paragraphs of their GDPR press release.
  • What: GDPR app
  • Who: Busy business professionals
  • Where: Android and Apple iOS
  • When: 29 Sep 2017
  • Why: GDPR is soon taking effect

2. Consider the writing style

If you produce an essay instead of a press release, you can guarantee that few will take the time to read it. Make sure you are concise and informative.

There are a number of ways to make your writing style engaging. Start off your press release with a  short, catchy heading. Baker Mackenzie chose the following heading when launching their Dawn Raid app:

“Are you prepared for a Dawn Raid?”


Instead of getting bogged down with text, they then included an exciting video, showing the app’s capabilities. The use of visual elements and bullet points makes the press release easily digestible.

Another excellent technique is the inclusion of quotes. In the legal industry, word of mouth is one of the largest sources of referral. Incorporating a quote can add to your app’s credibility. To check out their impressive press release, click here.


3. Check out the competition

It is likely that there are many apps already launched with the same purpose. In order to make your app stand out in the legal industry, you must research how the competition launched their apps.

Ask yourself, what did they do well? What could be improved? Ultimately, did their press release make you want to download their app?

Fliplet has been helping top law firms build security apps in particular. We encourage our customers to learn from other excellent press releases.


Taylor Wessing’s TW: Cyber Response app press release is hard-hitting with well-chosen facts. If you are launching a security app, take note of their success.

The dont’s

1. Ignore offline promotion

Whether in meetings or consulting on the phone, you can take app promotion into your own hands. Lead your clients to your press release either by quickly showing them in meetings or referring them to the article. Word of mouth is powerful!

If journalists have not replied to your press release, don’t be afraid to give them a call. They get inundated with emails therefore it would be wise to differentiate yourself.

We advised some of clients to do this and it expanded their reach! For more information on how to do this effectively, contact us.

2. Forget to research guidelines

Launching your app on various app stores can be a daunting process. Worst case scenario however, your press release is ready to go but the app is delayed in its store release.

To avoid this, remember that each app store has different requirements and time scales. Choose the relevant stores and produce a series of deadlines. Publishing your press release at the wrong time can be very detrimental. A carefully orchestrated launch plan will give your press release maximum exposure.

Apps made with Fliplet are launched on Microsoft, Apple and Google Play stores. We have helped clients through the launching process. If you need some assistance, we would be happy to offer some advice.


3. Make assumptions

The best app press releases do not assume that readers know about the app and its content. This provides a level of accessibility to the piece.

Don’t flood your press release with technical jargon. At least some of your clients will be deterred if they cannot understand the different features.

It is also crucial to make accessing the app as easy as possible. Do not assume people will search high and low to find your app.


Bird & Bird’s Judgment Day App press release makes it very simple to find the app.


Combining these do’s and dont’s

Press releases are extremely important and easy to write successfully. We have put our heads together to create an ideal press release template. Download and use our PDF below like many of our customers already have.

Fliplet’s Press Release Template 

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