How are innovative law firms using dawn raid apps and why?

We have learned from our experience working with top legal clients. Our solution has transformed the way internal processes deal with issues like security, GDPR and dawn raids.

Dawn Raid apps are specifically designed to help employees deal with a dawn raid before, during and after it happens. They can be used by in-house legal counsel, risk managers, site managers, operations staff and any other employee who may need to know how to deal with a dawn raid.

This article will cover the key benefits, popular features and top examples from public app stores.

Why create a dawn raid app?

Quick Guidance

Dawn raid apps can provide real time advice via smartphones on how to respond to investigators from the minute they enter your reception. From receptionists to new trainees to in-house counsel, everyone will know immediately what the most important tasks to do are.

Information on what to do is no more than 2 clicks away at any given moment. This can provide comfort internally that no matter where they are or what they are doing, they have guidance at the touch of a button during an emergency.

Law firms that have built their dawn raid apps with Fliplet, have reported improved experiences during a dawn raid from all internal departments.

Protect your company

It can be scary when investigators enter your offices and demand access to your computer systems. Some employees may be unsure as to how the raid effects their clients.

Fliplet’s dawn raid apps can include internal messaging systems to connect everyone within the business. You can add 24/7 emergency helplines and a guide on who to call at every stage of the raid. This includes a post-raid plan for employees to follow.

Make sure your staff know the best course of action in a potentially costly emergency. For example, what do they do if the press ask?

Cover every step with Fliplet’s dawn raid apps and protect your company.

Improve internal processes

Your staff have certain rights during an emergency and it is important they know what those rights are. With apps, you can personalise sections for each employee. They will not only know what to do, they will feel like they are personally taken care of during the dawn raid.

Send push notifications and train new staff by including live feeds with information and training guides on smartphones, tablets and web.

Top law firms are already increasing company loyalty by adopting this new technological tool.


Baker Mckenzie

Their Global Antitrust Dawn Raid app covers 9 jurisdictions in its step-by-step guide for emergencies. You can contact the correct teams for your region with just one tap.

They have every point of the raid covered, from arrival to post-raid protocols.

Clifford Chance

With sign-in features, Clifford Chance’s Dawn Raid app is extremely secure. They have apps tailored to each geographical region and information about the company itself for training purposes. Their dawn raid apps for France are the first of many to be launched on public app stores.

This recent app is simple to follow and crucial to overseas offices.

Bird & Bird

Their Dawn Raid app specifically covers your obligations and rights in order to minimise disruption to your business.

Its accessible FAQ’s and list of lawyers allows individuals to easily protect themselves and their work.

For more examples, check out a full list here.

Must-have features

In evaluation of these apps, we have isolated the top features that make them so impressive.

  • RSS Feeds

    You don’t want to waste time constantly updating your app with new content. RSS Feeds automatically add your content as it’s released. If you aren’t sure about what an RSS feed is, check out a short clip of the feature in one of our templates below. RSS gif

  • Push Notifications

    Let’s say a department has been raided. With access to the app, they could send a notification to the rest of the company so they can prepare. These can be set to automatically launch.

  • One-tap phone calls/preformatted emails

    Call emergency service teams or send out important emails to those affected. You will know who and how to call immediately.

  • Contact Directories

    These can be filtered by department, job role, practise area so you know how to contact people immediately

  • Checklists/Step-by-step guides

    Our drag and drop features allow you to input checklists and guides. You can also store the data to see who carried out required tasks and when.

Creating your own dawn raid app

Need to keep up with these law firms? Fliplet are experts in producing quality dawn raid apps. We work with over 20 top US and UK law firms to produce legal apps. From cybersecurity to antitrust, your legal apps are in safe hands.

If you are interested in creating a dawn raid app, talk to our mobile experts. We can offer advice on which app building software to use and show you our own templates. Simply click on the button below.

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