Law Firm Key Client and Client Support Apps: What You Need to Know

In our 2018 report on enterprise apps, our data suggests that law firms have 4 apps on average per business. 9.6% of law firms who have mobile apps use a key client or client support app. Coupling our recent research with trends we’ve spotted in what law firms are interested to hear more about, we’d expect key client apps to surge.

Why are they growing in popularity amongst law firms?

You already know supporting your clients with up-to-date and relevant information is crucial, but you may not have thought that, like everyone else, your clients are overwhelmed with vast amounts of email.

What’s more, email is a terrible channel when it comes to locating historical information, and most clients now suffer from email blindness and miss many event and newsletter emails for that reason. With the upcoming data protection regulations, may firms have been looking for alternative solutions. 

Law firms have been searching, and until recently failing, to find a solution to this problem of information overload.

The solution?

Compile all the key information into an app that can be accessed whenever is convenient for the users.

Let’s take a closer look at key client apps and how firms are already using them to great success.

What information should a key client app contain?

What you put into a key client app will depend on the requirements of your clients. It will vary from firm to firm, depending on your resources and software you have available. Some firms have produced key client apps on a per issue basis, others have created an app for each individual client. 

That said, there are four crucial sections that should be present in an app (or ecosystem of apps) to support clients.

Client training opportunities

Law firms can include information to provide clients with training opportunities. Depending on firms’ training capabilities, they usually choose to use their app to put in invites to live seminars, podcasts or webinar recordings.

It’s not a secret that many law firms struggle to get their clients to discover all the training opportunities available to them. Especially when they are hosted on a secure portal, or distributed via email – both channels that can be easily missed. It’s not unheard of that some firms struggle with these channels so much that they turn to shipping DVD recordings of seminars!

Placing training materials onto a mobile format increases the likelihood that users interact with them regularly. Features such as push notifications can prompt users to open the app and learn at set times of the day, for example.

Emergency contact information

Mobile apps are the perfect channel for emergency situations. With an app, a client would never be more than a couple of taps away from calling their team of advisors, filtered by country or area of expertise if they have a large team at their service.

Every second can count in an emergency, so it’s important to have all the important information to hand, and crucially, ensure it’s easy to access.

Top tip: With a platform like Fliplet, it’s easy to keep emergency contacts updated without having to force clients to download a new version of the app; all changes are effective immediately!

News and events notifications

A monthly newsletter as a method of updating clients about news just isn’t cutting it anymore. So much is happening that these newsletters are becoming long lists of news, and the personalisation factor is completely missing.

Notifying clients of important or relevant events is much easier when you have an app.

Some apps are even capable of offering the client the choice of which areas of law/sectors/topics to be alerted about, so that they never miss what matters to them.

Most client support apps are configured to use an existing RSS feed or another source of data to keep the app up to date, down to the minute. The app can serve as a go-to source of information for clients who want to keep up-to-date on:

  • Regular news and company information
  • Personalised news based on the practices a client specializes in
  • Events: Dates, venue information, and notifications on upcoming events
  • Changes in policy or updates on changes to client information

Financial and project information

Large firms are often ineffective or shy at chasing financials or deadlines – an app puts all the information in an obvious yet secure place where reminders can be sent subtly and where the client can access it whenever it is required.

This information will be available even offline, so users can access it anywhere, at any time – perfect when on-the-go and in need of critical data.

Of course the quantity and quality of the information will depend on the firm’s data sources, but if your firm already has a system to manage this, integration is often quite simple.

Could you create a great client app with Fliplet?

Our beautiful templates make building multiple client apps simple and easy. Imagine your logo and branding in the template below.


Alternatively, you can build a client app from scratch. Our simple drag-and-drop platform allows anyone within the business to create apps. We recently discovered that 47.9% of apps built with Fliplet are built my marketing teams rather than a heavy reliance on IT or costly developers.

Fliplet works with over 25+ law firms to improve their efficiency and client experience. Find out more about how your firm can use Fliplet to manage your key client accounts. We also offer a free demo of your app building platform, Fliplet Studio. Simply click on the button below. 

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