Optimizing business processes with apps [Webinar]

In this new remote working environment it’s critical to ensure people can access the information they need to do their job on any device anywhere. In this webinar we explain how Fliplet can be used to produce apps to facilitate the delivery of work by supporting business processes and streamlining workflow.

You’ll learn how Fliplet can be used to:

1. Collect information on any device from staff or customers
2. Intelligently determine what to do with the information
3. Notify the relevant team member with email and push
4. Produce dashboards to highlight the most important tasks
5. Enrich data as it passes through the business
6. Generate Word, Excel and PDF files
7. Export data to databases or files
8. Integrate with existing systems

Fliplet’s CEO Ian Broom explains Fliplet’s workflow features and how Fliplet can manage business proprocesses and integrated Fliplet into existing infrastructure.

Sente Advisors COO Daniel Pryor gives his perspective on Fliplet’s business process capabilities, how it compares to others in the market and advice on where Fliplet can be best utilised by law firms.