The Future of the Return to Office App and introducing ROMS

Fliplet’s CEO Ian Broom discusses the most recent changes to the Return to Office (RtO) app and how it will evolve into the Remote & Office Management Solution

By watching this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Short Fliplet overview 1:20
  • Customer’s view of the Return to Office (RtO) app 2:08
  • What customers love about RtO 3:58
  • Key insight: Customers using RtO for more than returning to the office 5:23
  • Our 4 step vision for RtO 5:34
  • Evolution of RtO into ROMS 7:41
  • Remote & Office Management Solution (ROMS) updates 8:34
  • ROMS goals and summary of updates 13:37
  • Plans for Remote & Office Management Solution in 2021 18:04
  • How to get started with ROMS and add new features into your existing RtO app 32:35
  • Fliplet’s upgrade service 34:18
  • Q&A 35:53