How to scale your technology suite using innovation


Law firms are embracing mobile apps in a big way in 2021. And whilst creating 1 app is seen as the norm, now more than ever it is becoming an increasing expectation to build out a suite of apps that are both internal and client facing. Having the right knowledge to scale your technology is key.


In this webinar, we have invited specialists from the innovation team at law firm Mills & Reeve to share their knowledge and insights on how they built an app that was:

    • More effective in spreading knowledge
    • Easier to access and use
    • Less dependent on the resources of the Innovation team


By watching this session you will learn:

  • Challenges or problems that led to identifying the requirements for a solution 4:50 
  • Why Fliplet was the chosen solution 7:38 
  • Their first app ‘What the Tech?!’ 9:46 
  • The app ‘Life questions’ 15:40 
  • The app ‘M&R on the go’ 20:07 
  • M&R events 22:30
  • Launchpad24:20
  • Milestones 25:45
  • Top tips to scale your technology suite using innovation 28:14 
  • Fliplet Overview 32:44
  • Q&A 35:00