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Create beautiful event apps without breaking the bank

Invest in a permanent app solution which can be used for every event you run with no additional cost including unlimited app updates.

Make your event memorable

Add multimedia to your event app including videos, podcasts, photo-sharing, RSS, newsfeeds, interactive data and infographics. Upload presentations instantly after the talks to be shared via social. Add longevity to your app after the event by pushing links to session material.

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Engage a tech-tethered audience

Keep your audience’s attention with second screen activities such as live polling and Q&As via their phone. Use augmented reality and gamification to enhance presentations and exhibition spaces.

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Build a community around your event

Make networking and meeting organization really easy.
Help your audience to connect to a community of like-minded peers
by integrating a forum or newsfeed.

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Make logistics easy

Enable attendees to create a personalised agenda with the sessions that interest them the most. Create engaging speaker profiles with videos of past events. Use push notifications and location-based messaging to keep attendees up-to-date on the latest from the event.

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Add value for sponsors

Enable sponsors to create engaging profiles by including videos and multimedia. Help them drive leads with a form to capture leads or schedule meetings. Include incentives for attendees to visit the exhibition area with prizes for check-ins and geo treasure hunts.

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Gather real-time feedback, insights & analytics

Get feedback directly after the talk or session – when it’s still fresh in attendees’ minds.
Choose who receives feedback forms based on job profile or demographic data.
Use push notifications to prompt people to fill in forms during or after the event.

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Integrate with essential systems

Make event management seamless by integrating your app with all essential systems including event registration, payment providers and CRMs. Enable attendees to sign up using LinkedIn, Gmail or Slack details so that their profile information is automatically completed.

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Fliplet has all the features you’ll need for your event app

Engage attendees

  • Videos, photo galleries & audio
  • Interactive data & graphs
  • Augmented reality & gamification
  • Live polling, Q&A

Build a community

  • Newsfeed
  • Forums, communities & groups
  • Social media feeds

Include valuable content

  • Presentations
  • Resource library
  • RSS & blog
  • User-generated content

Capture feedback

  • Surveys & questionnaires
  • Ratings & reviews


Keep everyone up to date

  • Push notifications
  • Attendee emails
  • Location-based messaging

Enable networking

  • Meeting booking

Make logistics easy

  • Personal agendas
  • Interactive maps
  • CRMs & email automation systems
  • Speaker, sponsor & exhibitor profiles

Integrate with essential systems

  • Event registration systems
  • Payment systems
  • CRMs

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