Make work a safer place

  • Enable employees to file incident reports and complete audit checklists from wherever they are – no paper required
  • Include option to upload images and videos to add more detail to the report and automatically link GPS coordinates
  • Data can be sent by email directly to response team or uploaded instantly to a database

Gain insights about the safety levels in your organization

  • Use analytics to understand where and why incidents occur
  • Collect data to enable better risk management to prevent hazards from happening

Train employees and improve safety awareness

  • Ensure all employees have access to health and safety reference materials on their mobile devices
  • Create training courses they can complete from anywhere – whether in the field, on the road or in the office

Common types of healthy & safety apps

healthy & safety app

Health & Safety Training
Provide health & safety training courses and resources on mobile devices so that employees can learn wherever they are.

healthy & safety app

Hazard Reporting
Give employees the ability to report health & safety hazards so they can be addressed more quickly

healthy & safety app

Emergency Contact Directory
Ensure emergency situations are addressed quickly by giving employees access to the correct contacts for each scenario.

healthy & safety app

Sleep Calculators
Enable workers to check their fatigue levels by answering a few questions

Using Fliplet to build health & safety apps

  • No coding required.
    Anyone can create and maintain apps as easily as creating a document or a spreadsheet
  • Instant app updates.
    Content can be updated instantly at any time.
  • Secure.
    Apps integrate with your organization’s existing mobile security systems.
  • Flexible.
    Apps work on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones; information can be accessed both on and offline