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Made for mobile

Apps are the best format to communicate on mobile devices. With an internal communications app, users can check the latest news without getting lost in email or logging onto the Intranet.

Control branding

Ensure your app conforms to your company’s brand guidelines.

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Share important information easily

No one needs yet another channel to maintain. Update news only once by integrating your internal communications app directly with your Intranet, existing news feeds and internal blogs.


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Give employees a voice

Encourage employees to interact and contribute to news-sharing via comments, emoticons and sharing buttons and to submit their own updates and photos.

Cut through the noise

Enable employees to easily select which content they'd like to receive. Highlight urgent updates using push notifications and alerts.

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Fliplet has all the features you’ll need for your internal communications app

Support sharing

  • RSS, social media & blog feeds
  • File & document-sharing libraries
  • Activity streams & newsfeeds
  • Communities
  • Photo streams

Communicate important news instantly

  • Push notifications
  • Integration with Intranet

Engage employees

  • Comment, like & share posts
  • Image galleries & videos
  • Events

Get feedback & insights

  • Surveys, polls & competitions
  • Usage analytics

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