Apps for Marketing

Promote engage and extend the reach of your brand

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Be in your customers’ pockets

Connect with your clients

Your audience is on the move. Build new relationships and cement old ones through the channel closest to them.

Increase engagement

Promote products and services with a visual, interactive format that clients can use anywhere.

Analyze Performance

Gather usage data and feedback to optimize your digital strategy and build reports for your stakeholders.


Build marketing apps to fit all content needs


Content Marketing Apps

Make your content truly interactive and connect with your audience when they’re most predisposed to absorb your content. Create guides, brochures, fact finders, checklists, directories and more with no code required.

Conference Apps

Engage attendees before, during and after your event. Get real-time feedback and instantly analyze the data.

Marketing Reporting Apps

Track, optimize and communicate campaign performance across your department or company.

Product and Service Overview Apps

Empower your company to better understand their products and services and become better at communicating your offering.


An app platform built for marketers’ needs

No coding required

Anyone can create and maintain apps in Fliplet – it’s as easy as creating a set of slides!

Instant app content updates

Content can be updated instantly at any time, anywhere, without having to go through the app stores.


Your apps integrate with your organization’s existing mobile security systems to ensure the protection of sensitive data. You can also set passwords and even email or fingerprint authentication.


Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones as well as internet browsers. And any apps downloaded can be viewed even when offline!


Top features for marketers

The full app experience

  • Native functionality that makes the most of your users’ devices
  • Beautifully usable menu screens, buttons, tables, selection screens and more
  • Easy to paste content in from your existing materials

Interactive features

  • Videos, podcasts or photo galleries
  • Infographics, graphs and charts
  • Push notifications



Increase engagement

  • One-click RSS feed integration
  • Competitions, polls and surveys
  • Forms and note-taking

Report and Analyze

  • App analytics and usage tracking
  • Campaign performance stats

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