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Marketing Apps


Fully customisable

You’re not limited to templates. Fliplet apps can include any features you can think of for a completely bespoke experience.

Showcase products and services

Offer product views, options and specifications. Tailor the experience to what your clients are looking for

Replace email newsletters

Stop the barrage of un-opened newsletters. Give clients an easy way to find the content they want, when they want

Enrich your brand experience

Add interactive multimedia such as videos, images, games and quizzes


Send notifications to existing and potential customers with news and promotions

Forms for data capture

Collect client preferences, contact details and pricing information

Reference doc repository

Let your clients get your product or service details in the palm of their hand

Measure engagement and conversions

Track how users are engaging with your marketing. See what interests them and what leads to sales

Easily keep apps up to date

All apps can be updated centrally to ensure they have the latest product specs, terms and pricing information

Collate feedback

Gain valuable insights from target customers with forms and usage analytics

Works on desktop and mobile

Reach your customers where they are. Fliplet works on desktop and mobile out of the box


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