Project Status Report Apps

Build project status report apps using Fliplet to ensure that all project stakeholders always have access to the latest project updates directly from their mobile devices

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Benefits of project status report apps

  • Better communication.
    Give all project stakeholders access to the latest up-to-date information and reports directly on their mobile devices
  • Improved collaboration.
    Empowering all project participants to access and update the app at the same time from wherever they are
  • Impress clients and senior managers.
    Use a visual, interactive format to engage your audience.

Using Fliplet to build project status report apps

  • No coding required.
    Anyone can create and maintain apps as easily as creating a document or a spreadsheet
  • Instant app updates.
    Content can be updated instantly at any time.
  • Secure.
    Apps integrate with your organization’s existing mobile security systems.
  • Flexible.
    Apps work on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones; information can be accessed both on and offline

Features for project status report apps

  • Push notifications
  • Infographics, graphs and charts
  • Data capture via forms
  • In-app messaging
  • Document libraries
  • App analytics and usage tracking

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