Your customers are mobile.
And so is your sales strategy.

Build impressive sales apps using Fliplet to generate leads,
engage prospects and improve team performance.
Plans start from $3,000 per year

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Close faster

Ensure your sales team can close even faster with a centralized source of information that is always up-to-date and available offline. Make the customer’s decision even easier with instant quotes and information at the salesperson’s fingertips.

Generate more leads

Provide a richer, more personalised and connected user experience and stand out in the world of mass outbound email.

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Improve your team’s performance.

Boost your team’s efficiency by ensuring they always have access to the latest information without having to search. Remove and reduce admin tasks so they can focus on selling. Increase their product and market knowledge with training or playbook apps.

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Connect the dots

Apps can connect with all sales systems including CRMs and automation tools to ensure that they are contributing to a seamless process. Ensure that everyone knows what’s going on with the customer at any time.

Get the essential data

Access all the essential data and statistics you need to ensure that your team is performing to their potential. Align with marketing so that they can gain insights to help refine their processes and strategies.

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Fliplet has all the features you’ll need for your sales app

Capture data

  • Enquiry & lead gen forms
  • Calculators & quote generators
  • Note-taking & voice memos
  • Document-signing

Engage prospects

  • Mobile proposals, statements of work & presentations
  • Videos, photo galleries & audio
  • Interactive data & graphs

Access information instantly

  • File & document libraries
  • Case studies

Improve team performance

  • Guides & playbooks
  • FAQs
  • Competitor analysis

Access and share data

  • Reporting dashboards
  • Usage analytics

Integrate with essential systems

  • Payment systems
  • Social media
  • CRMs & email automation systems
  • Document management
  • ERPs

How Fliplet works

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