Sales Support Apps


Fully customisable

You’re not limited to templates. Fliplet apps can include any features you can think of for a completely bespoke experience.

Showcase products and services

Improve sales conversions, cross-selling and upselling with the latest product resources and details at your fingertips

Add video, audio and other media

Improve the sales experience with rich interactive media

Capture information with forms

Use forms to gather customer preferences, contact details, pricing information and more

Simple integrations

Link up your apps with other software solutions such as CRM systems with a simple API interface

KPI dashboard

Track sales performance, pipeline information, customer engagement, contract statuses and much more

Pricing calculator

Increase client trust with a pricing calculator that explains the costs and the options available

Works offline

Don’t get let down by a weak internet connection. Run apps directly off your device

Tailor the app per client

Give a highly customized experience to your key clients. Amend each app to specific needs

Keep information up to date

All apps can be updated centrally with the latest information, avoiding pricing and mis-selling errors