Team Communication Apps


Fully customisable

Use our drag and drop software or fine-tune your apps with our advanced HTML editor

Chat channels

Great for rapid communication and high engagement. A good solution to long emails and crowded inboxes

Project channels and groups

Improve team communication by making it instant. A quick and simple way to interact ensures everyone is up to speed

Add any media you wish

Add documents, images, voice messages or anything else you need to make communications clearer

Meeting scheduling

Easily set up and send calendar invites. You don’t need to jump between apps

Combine with task lists

Centralize all your project information and communication. It doesn’t have to just be chat!

User profiles

Rapid access to a colleagues contact details, phone numbers, address, email etc.

Collect project data

Add time tracking, key statistics and deadlines to stay on top of your tasks

Available on desktop and mobile

The same great user experience whether accessed remotely or on desktop

Fully searchable

Quickly find anything from brief conversations to detailed notes

Easy integrations

Incorporate the information you want. Fliplet is built to interact with existing software through simple API connections