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Build training apps using Fliplet to distribute important information and enable learning at a time and place that suits the student

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What are the benefits of training apps?

Facilitate engaged learning

Increase engagement with content that is more interactive than a simple presentation or PDF. Give students the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways.

Save time

Decrease the need for individual training by offering a selection of learning tools and material.


Gain insights

Track existing knowledge levels and monitor the learning speed of new or current employees. Use the data to ehance individual performance in the future.

Motivate your employees

Increase employee interest in learning and self-assessment. Enable students to study at home and whilst commuting by creating a mobile learning platform.  

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What types of training apps are there?


Compliance Apps

Issue a compliance app to ensure everyone has a copy of the latest regulations relevant to their roles.

Exam Apps

Use an app to support training. Collect responses for analysis to improve future assessments and performance.

Quiz Apps

Instantly assess knowledge levels of your employees with a quiz app.

Employee Induction Apps

Empower new employees and give them everything they need to know about the company in a mobile app.

Self-assessment Apps

Empower employees to learn independently with a self-assessment app.  

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Training Apps

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Fliplet has all the features you’ll need for your training app

Easy Access to Information

  • Support documents library
  • Articles and Reports

Interactive features

  • Videos and podcasts
  • Graphs and charts
  • Infographics and interactive data
  • Push notifications
  • Discussion topics
  • Sharing ideas and useful content



  • Detailed performance reports and how to improve
  • Embedded documents
  • Quizzes, polls and surveys
  • Exams
  • Tips to get better results

How Fliplet works

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