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How to drive innovation

How to drive innovation at your business using no code / low code apps

2021 is set to be the year that businesses woke up to apps in a big way....
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Apps to unlock the new office normal

Easy-to-launch apps have helped firms to support their people around the world through the worst days of...
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Fliplet integrations website header

How to integrate Fliplet with HighQ Dan Pryor from Engineer.Legal, a Fliplet Partner, demonstrates how to integrate Fliplet with HighQ to pass...
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Fliplet CEO The Law Society Gazette article

Fliplet CEO, Ian Broom, discusses the rise of low-code app platforms among law firms

  Nearly a year on from the first national lockdown, many law firms see digital transformation as...
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2020 legal tech survey: 3 trends to reducing costs and risks

Optimize workflows, delivery and security with emerging software For many firms, adopting new legal technologies is perplexing...
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2020 legal survey: 3 trends driving customer engagement and growth

Emerging software drives marketing efficiency, customer retention and new business As the accelerating pace of digital-change shows...
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2020 Legal Trends

2020 legal survey: 3 trends driving practice efficiency and growth

Optimize workflows, costs and customer retention with emerging technology solutions Increasing workloads, ever-shifting business priorities, greater complexity...
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The best way to build a business app

We’ve built hundreds of apps for clients. Some of the apps have taken off while others have...
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The Right Resources for Innovation

Speak to any associate, director or partner and they will unreservedly agree that their firm should be...
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Goodbye Intranet. Hello Internal Communications Apps

The Intranet is a thing of the past. With businesses increasingly adopting enterprise apps, those who embrace...
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The top 4 app building solutions for businesses

“Software is eating the world,” declared Marc Andreessen, a prominent tech investor, in the Wall Street Journal....
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Fliplet Legal Apps

Law Firm Key Client and Client Support Apps: What You Need to Know

In our 2018 report on enterprise apps, our data suggests that law firms have 4 apps on...
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