Benesch Law Firm Directory App (Fliplet Case Study)

Centralizing critical business information in a single app for mobile and desktop

An app to rapidly find colleagues

Enabled efficient cross selling between lawyers

Easily adapted to suit remote working


Benesch is a US law firm focussed on providing legal services to national and international clients, with offices in 6 US cities and Shanghai.

They were looking for a simple solution to meet the increasing demand from lawyers and business areas for a variety of use cases, including a firm directory and reference app, that did not require professional software developers or graphic designers.


Benesch attorneys were demanding apps to access firm resources, but challenges to deliver included:

  1. Legacy vendor solutions that were never intended to be mobile
  2. Displaying the data in a webpage that looked ‘clean’ on mobile devices
  3. Several silos of data needed consolidated (for example, HR’s employee contact information and Marketing’s employees expertise information)
  4. Finding a solution that would meet Benesch security protocols
  5. Finding a solution that wouldn’t use existing development resource
  6. Not having a single source for all directory data outside of the office


“Using the Fliplet directory app template, we were able to get something tangible up and running quickly, as opposed to coding from scratch. We could then easily and rapidly iterate to get the app right.”

Bob Thorne, IT Business Process Manager, Benesch

Responding to the growing needs at the firm for access to the firm directory outside of the office, Benesch focussed on one strong use case – the firm directory and reference app.

To ensure the successful delivery of the project and to standardise data collection and processes, Benesch deployed a central employee to manage the end-to-end app creation process, liaising between the relevant firm departments and IT. The central resource has become increasingly critical, especially in a data management capacity, the more complex the solution becomes. Requirements included:

  • Consolidating previously siloed data sources into a singular data source (Marketing maintains slightly different employee data than HR)
  • Normalizing data to ensure it works properly within Fliplet’s drop-downs and filtering capabilities
  • Managing and maintaining regular data synchronization to the Fliplet app

They utilized the directory app template in Fliplet to get started and to avoid any custom coding and therefore no software development resource was required. Then once created, the app could be iterated based on feedback from colleagues, ensuring all departmental requirements were met.

The primary features of the app are:

  1. Rapidly find the right people by department, expertise, location, and more
  2. Find attorneys for appropriate state courts
  3. Used by all staff including attorneys and management
  4. Secure access to the firm directory via MDM, including offline on mobile app and on computers via a web app
  5. Locate phone and email contact info for all personnel (including assigned assistants), all practice support groups, conference rooms, facilities, etc
  6. Highlight key details such as birthdays, and new team members
  7. Links to attorney bios on public webpage to access their articles and other key details
  8. Automatically syncs with existing systems to ensure details are always current
  9. Interactive floor plans ensure people can find colleagues and facilities in different offices
  10. A list of services such as office conference rooms, IT contacts, and travel services
  11. Easily adaptable for additional use cases, including increased remote working
“The Directory app is convenient for all our employees and an important productivity tool. In a mobile environment you can readily communicate with everyone in the firm. It has especially been handy in our current work from home environment.”

Tim Flanagan, Chief Financial Officer, Benesch


The key benefits of the directory app for Benesch are:

  1. Enabled efficient cross selling by making lawyer information available anywhere
  2. The app has broad appeal and high visibility across all areas of the firm
  3. 70% of staff have engaged with the app
  4. Usage has increased 48% in the last 90 days, proving to be a valuable tool during increased working from home restrictions
  5. Secure internal apps are published via the firm’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) and therefore available on staff devices out of the office
  6. Opportunity for marketing, IT and HR to work together to produce the app, linking up existing data systems, articles and information across the business to one central hub
  7. Ability to continually iterate and optimize the app based on performance analytics, ensuring the app continues to be utilized and engaged with
  8. App data can be easily expanded to include new/modified data points
  9. Directory data can be repurposed across other Fliplet apps, including in some practice group specific solutions
“The ability to add in-stream value to our apps has been a real asset to our Attorneys.”

Jerry Justice, CIO, Benesch

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