Technical details for IT teams

Scale up with no stress

Our AWS-based infrastructure can handle as many apps and traffic as you can throw at it.

Integrate easily

We offer an in-built CSV database for speed as well as full APIs for dynamic content. You can find more info on our APIs at

Distribution options

Apps can be published via public app stores, enterprise apps stores, MDMs, downloaded as files or published to a URL as a webapp

Distribution controls

Users may edits apps but will be unable to publish them unless provided with special rights to do so. To publish to public app stores you will also need an app store account

Data security

We have varying levels of data security to suit your needs. We offer two factor sign on, end-to-end encryption and on-prem data options. Click here for more details

Leave all app maintenance to us

We’ll take care of new OS and app store updates, new device compatibility and security patching at no extra cost

Manage your own app control tower

All apps are centrally available for admins to manage, update and keep track of

Extend easily with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Fliplet is perfect for non-coders, but for advanced users it’s easy to dip into the code and make changes using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Track app performance

Fliplet offers its own analytics with individual user level tracking but you can also use Google Analytics, MixPanel and your other preferred tools

Push updates to apps instantly

Unlike conventional apps, Fliplet apps can be updated remotely or a user can be locked out if an admin requires

Create and integrate using our CLI

All apps are centrally available for admins to manage, update and keep track of using your terminal.

Create your own app themes and templates

Use our CLI to create and save themes and templates to be reused and extended by your company

Easily import and export app data

One-click app data importing and exporting means you are in control of your information, always.

Where does Fliplet fit in?

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