Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Security [Free Ebook]

One of the biggest concerns for companies adopting mobile apps is security; this is understandable given that corporate data is often of a sensitive nature.

If this is one of the barriers stopping your company from adopting mobile, worry no longer! In our guide Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Security we look at some of the most common risks to mobile app security and how these can be combatted by using mobile security technology.

As our recent analysis demonstrated, mobile business is not the future. It’s the present. It’s time to stop viewing mobile as the enemy #1 of corporate security and to take advantage of the many solutions available to conform with internal security requirements and enable you to move forward with mobile projects.

In our ebook Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Security you will learn:

  • How Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems can help mitigate mobile security risks
  • A description of the main security features provided by EMMs and how they can help you secure mobile devices and apps
  • Key considerations to keep in mind when thinking about security
  • And more!

Click here to download Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Security today.

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