How IT can benefit from and strengthen app security

Security is set to be one of the biggest concerns for the digital world in 2018. 93%...
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Why innovation deserves a place in your 2018 marketing budget

Marketing budgets are increasing and technology is the driving force behind it. Webstrategies found that total marketing...
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7 Predictions for Mobile Trends in 2018

So far, 2017 is proving to be an impressive year for mobile app technology. The number of...
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How to formulate innovative app ideas at your law firm

The Law Society’s 2017 report on technological innovation in the legal sector found that three quarters of...
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Apps in the workplace: A passing trend, or here to stay?

The current status of apps There are over 2 million apps in the world, ready to download...
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How to transform your firm’s email newsletters into engaging apps

Every top law firm has a small arsenal of weekly, monthly or even daily newsletters it sends...
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We Built A GDPR App In Under 2 Hours – Here’s How!

A couple of weeks back we published an article where we took a look at the GDPR...
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This is what the BestInClass law firms are doing

We Analyzed 300 Law Firms: Here’s What the “Best in Class” Are Doing With Mobile

  Here at Fliplet, we spent hundreds of hours conducting a first-of-its-kind study to share how the...
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Internal App Store

What Does iOS 11 Mean for Your Enterprise Apps?

Foreword for Fliplet users: As usual, those using Fliplet to create their apps won’t need to worry...
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