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How organizations are managing the return to the office [Webinar]

As organizations start to focus their attention on post-lockdown and how to manage the return to the...
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Fliplet Legal Apps

Law Firm Key Client and Client Support Apps: What You Need to Know

In our 2018 report on enterprise apps, our data suggests that law firms have 4 apps on...
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How are innovative law firms using dawn raid apps and why?

We have learned from our experience working with top legal clients. Our solution has transformed the way...
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How to write the perfect press release for your legal apps

Everyone wants their app to launch like a rocket with thousands eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse...
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Our guide to launching and promoting your external apps

Recently, one of our customers launched an external app with our step-by-step guide. They had 2000 downloads...
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How IT can benefit from and strengthen app security

Security is set to be one of the biggest concerns for the digital world in 2018. 93%...
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How to transform your firm’s email newsletters into engaging apps

Every top law firm has a small arsenal of weekly, monthly or even daily newsletters it sends...
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Mobile App Downloads Ftd

How to Create a Download-Worthy Mobile App for Your Law Firm

We’re regularly asked by clients how many downloads they should expect to receive on their mobile app....
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How to Make Your Law Firm a Leader in Mobile Innovation

Our research on the current state of mobile in the legal industry showed us that 24.33% of...
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Country Comparison Ftd

How Law Firms Are Helping Clients Navigate Laws Between Jurisdictions With Apps

According to our latest research into the top 300 law firms, 27.4% of law firms that have mobile...
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