Bring the power of mobile apps to your colleagues!

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Democratise mobile, once and for all.

Fulfilll every request for a mobile app with the same powerful solution. Whether your company needs apps for marketing, reporting, workflows, integrations, collaboration and more — it’s all possible on Fliplet, and as easy as it can be.

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Universally compatible.

Fliplet generates both native code (Objective-C, Java and .NET) and web code (HTML5 and JavaScript). So you can publish native apps on iOS, Android and Windows 10 app stores, deploy directly to users on MDMs and embed web apps on browsers.

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Interoperability, maximised.

Fliplet plays well with everything — we use standard best practices for all our code, which means easier integrations and better compatibility with your existing systems and operations.

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Easy to learn

The true power of low code apps.

Fliplet can be mastered in 30 minutes — so your team and the rest of your company can hit the ground running, which lowers their dependency on technical resources.

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Minimal risk, always.

We know you don’t need to introduce any more risk into your organization – so the apps you build with Fliplet are secure and resilient. With numerous out-of-the-box security options available, plus easy app user management and even contingency preparations at the ready, you’ll always know risk is under control.

A feature set made in (developer) heaven

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Scale up with no stress

Our solid AWS-based infrastructure can handle as many apps and traffic as you can throw at it.

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Integrate with anything

Our APIs and developer documentation is all you need to integrate with other enterprise software or data.

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Leave all app maintenance to us

We’ll take care of new OS and app store updates, new device compatibility and security patching – no extra cost.

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Manage your own app control tower

All apps are centrally available for admins to manage, update and keep track of.

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All you need is HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Fliplet is perfect for non- coders, but for advanced users it’s easy to dip into the code and make changes using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Track app performance

Use Google Analytics, MixPanel and your other favorite metric tools to measure your apps’ traffic and user behavior.

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Create and integrate using our CLI

All apps are centrally available for admins to manage, update and keep track of using your terminal.

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Create your own app themes and templates

Use our CLI to create and save themes and templates to be reused and extended by your company.

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Easily import and export app data

One-click app data importing and exporting means you are in control of your information, always.

Where does Fliplet fit in?

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it can – and several clients already have successful integrations with enterprise software such as Box, Salesforce, Dropbox, G-Suite and others. We have a full suite of JS APIs and documentation available for developers.
Very secure. Out of the box, you can use security features such as login and password protection, login via authorized email domains only, and secure portals. With a little customization, you will also be able to use single-sign-on (for example, to allow people internally to login to their apps with the same details they use for their Outlook) or to distribute your apps via an Enterprise Mobile Management platform, which most IT teams in law firms have.
Fliplet can be used by one who’s comfortable using consumer software (like Microsoft Office). There’s absolutely no need to know code to create an entire app, from start to launch, except for advanced functionality like integrations.
Yes, sign up for a demo and one of our experts will give you a live tour of the platform. We also offer a starter package that’s ideal for proof of concepts to see if Fliplet is right for you.
Yes – our robust global infrastructure will enable you to make optimizations to ensure that even many thousands of Fliplet Studio and app users get an optimal experience.
Your data will be stored on robust managed servers and you’ll get to choose where you’d like it stored – in the US or Europe.
OS updates and technical app maintenance are all done promptly by the Fliplet Development team and it comes at no extra cost to you.