How to build a directory app for your business

Create your own company directory using Fliplet’s app template

Build directory app for your Business
Build a company directory app

Creating a Fliplet directory app for your business

An employee directory app can help app users keep track of contact information for individuals and organizations. But the Fliplet directory app template is much more than just contact details, with enhanced filter and search, notification options, interactive floor plans and chat features and much more that you can include when you build your company directory app.

Creating a business directory app

Secure Login

Secure your employee directory app using Fliplet’s login components, so that only specific users can access the app.

Interactive Directory

Create a list of employees in your directory app with filter, search and bookmark capabilities as well as tap buttons to email and call.

Social Feature

Make your directory app dynamic by highlighting upcoming birthdays and new joiners. Encourage relationship building with options to send a birthday or welcome message.

Office/Company Directory

List your various offices in the directory app and include their services with location maps, contact options and filter, search and bookmark capabilities.


Build your directory app with Fliplet’s chat component and users can message one-on-one or set up group chats.

Admin Options

App admins can create, edit and delete new office entries and new company service entries within your employee directory app.

How to build your business directory app

It’s easy to build your employee directory app using Fliplet’s app templates

How to build your business directory app

1. Create a directory screen and set up your list

Go to Fliplet Studio and add a List-directory screen, then name your directory. Create your list data and name your data source.

2. Select data settings and create a form

Select the data you want to display in your directory and where. Then create a form to enable users or admins to add new submissions to the data source.

3. Configure your directory list and test in Preview mode

Select users’ sort, filter and bookmark options for the directory and set editing and data entry rights for users and admins. Then go to Preview mode and test all functionality before publishing.

Creating a directory app in Fliplet Studio

Create a directory app

Why create a directory app?

The Fliplet directory app template is much more than just contacts details:

Build a directory app fast

Fliplet’s directory app template and components are built, tested and ready to use to create your company directory app

Centralize company information

A directory app gives employees access to up-to-date employee and office information whenever and wherever they are

Promote a positive company culture

Build a directory app and encourage communication between employees, departments and offices, adding in chat and social components to engage existing and new employees

Building a business directory app with Fliplet is easy

Fliplet’s directory app template is tried and tested on businesses like yours. It offers many features that make it more than just an employee contact list for your business. 

It’s a no code solution to create your own company directory app that can benefit all employees across your organization.

Building a business directory app is easy with Fliplet

Use Fliplet to build your directory app