Empowering business development teams to rapidly create apps

Give business development teams the speed and flexibility they need to create apps per campaign, client or customer

Create tools to attract your audience

Build the apps your target market want eg, reference libraries for lawyers, tax calculators for accountants, financial news for investors

Tailor your apps for each client

Easily create a bespoke version for each client, with relevant and customised content

Offer quick reference libraries

Access up-to-date documents and reference materials to allow your client to easily find the latest information

Offer alerts and news feeds on time sensitive subjects

Make sure everyone is aware of critical updates and news as it happens

Offer calculators, checklists and workflows

Make processes easy to follow. For example, create employment calculators, emergency checklists and custom workflows to suit individual needs

Collate valuable market feedback

Collate NPS feedback via market surveys within the app. Adjust materials to suit clients

Track who is using your app

Measure the engagement with your apps. Identify who has opened and viewed your content

Provide easy points of contact

Easily find the right people with the right skills. One tap to connect via chat, SMS, email or phone or send contact details to a colleague.

Always available on any device

Online and offline. Mobile and desktop. Apple, Android or Windows. Fliplet apps work across all of them

Sync with existing databases

No need to duplicate databases. Fliplet can integrate with a huge variety of services. You can copy and paste from Excel or integrate via our Rest API or SQL integrations

Build more apps with Fliplet

Fliplet allows you to build unlimited business apps. See what others are building with Fliplet in our app gallery.

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"The ease of use of this product is fantastic, the only thing that trumps that is the support offered and account management. A creative and innovative product that helps us in our digital strategy."

Nathan W, Fliplet client.

"I would strongly recommend if you need to build apps, and want the flexibility to give everyone the chance to build them (both novice users and people who know code) - this is a great platform to cater for all!"

Industry Analyst / Tech Writer

"Bought to build a single app, but it's so easy that we had people from all over the organisation requesting and building apps. We even converted our old PDFs into apps (much better looking and easier to use!)"

G2 Crowd User

"The support received from the entire Fliplet team (whether it is with app functionality or marketing your app) is exceptional and truly allows the user of the product the opportunity to focus on creating an engaging app."

App administrator, Fliplet Client

"Takes away so much of the pain in developing for multiple devices. Good drag and drop screen designs, simple build and deployment process, Android and IOS apps, all screen sizes and devices. "

Executive sponsor, Fliplet client

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