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Fliplet is so easy to use that we actually don’t need to use any designers or developers”

Lisa Broom, Senior Marketing Manager

Performance reporting for one of the world’s most innovative marketing teams

The Brief

Sky is the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK and Ireland, with over ten million subscribers and more than 24,000 employees.

Their customer marketing team manages hundreds of external communication campaigns every quarter, including large-scale direct mail and email campaigns to inform their subscribers about new products and service updates. With so much activity, they were struggling to showcase their campaigns and demonstrate their success to the rest of the business.

That’s when they came up with the idea for an internal reporting app that could display their accomplishments over a quarter in a visual and engaging way, in a way which was easy for them to update on an ongoing basis.

They decided to use Fliplet due to the flexibility of the system, the ease of set-up and distribution as well as the fact that the app could be managed from within the marketing team with no need for internal or external development resource.

Sky had an idea for an internal app that would display the marketing team’s accomplishments in a visual and engaging way

The Apps

The first app was created by Sky’s team after the initial training in less than a week. Here are some of the features that were built into it:

Infographics: Showcases campaign data in a colorful, engaging way using the Fliplet Charts feature.

Interactive timeline: Displays activity and results over the quarter in a fully responsive way – users can scroll and tap on individual campaigns to learn more.

Individual campaign screens: To display more details about each campaign including any creative or videos used via the Fliplet Image Gallery feature.

Complete Sky branding: Colors, custom fonts and images reinforce the brand guidelines and ensure that the app feels like an internally designed asset.

Instant app updates: Let the team easily correct typos or add new content whenever required and publish them immediately to their app, bypassing the app store for added convenience to their users.

Built-in image editor: Allows the team to easily edit and optimize any images they upload from within Fliplet Studio, meaning that no Photoshop skills are required to make them look good, and that they load lightning-fast.

Offline access to all content: The team can present their results anywhere and colleagues can read them even during their commute.


The customer marketing team at Sky now create their own apps using Fliplet every six to 12 weeks, and edit them when required. They have produced five internal reporting apps as well as several other apps without assistance from the Fliplet team including an app to communicate and share knowledge with their external creative agencies.

Sky creates new apps every 6 to 12 weeks to optimize communications with colleagues and creative agencies

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