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Improving internal communication and product knowledge within field sales team

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Keeping the sales team up-to-date at a leading professional services organization

The brief

One of the largest professional services organizations in the world decided to use Fliplet to improve internal communication within their salesforce.

The innovation team was looking for an app solution that could help them keep their sales representatives up to date with information about new products wherever they were in Europe. They had already experimented with several apps but were attracted to using Fliplet by its speed of delivery and low-cost solutions.

The app

Their sales support app includes the following features:

  • Interactive diagram allows the sales team to easily identify which products meet which customer needs
  • RSS feeds with latest news and updates from relevant vendors and partners
  • Embedded PDFs available offline give users access to industry white papers and thought leadership
  • Complete branding including colors, fonts and images reinforces brand guidelines and ensure that the app feels like an internally designed asset
  • In-built usage tracking to help understand user behavior and provide the basis for future improvements and new features.
  • Feedback form to gather user comments and suggestions

The team also benefitted from the following aspects of the Fliplet platform:

  • No need for technical skills. After a 15-minute training session on Fliplet Studio, the team now update their app independently with no reliance on either internal or external development resource
  • Instant app updates let the team easily correct typos or add new content whenever required and publish them immediately to their app
  • Offline access to all content mean that the sales team are able to use their app anywhere – even without reliable internet access

The result

The app is currently in its trial phase and is being rolled out progressively throughout the European sales team.

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