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What differentiates Fliplet from other app creation options?

  1. We’re a prefab app builder:
    Prefab apps are the best way for businesses to create and manage custom apps. They combine the ease of use of no-code tools with the feature flexibility of open source software. The chances are we've already built 90% of your app for you. You don't need to hire developers to do it. If you do need something truly custom then extending the open source platform is easy. We can even do it for you. In fact you can manage multiple apps because the burden of maintenance is so low. Learn more about the benefits of prefab app builders here.
  2. Best in class design and user experience:
    Don’t settle for clunky and confusing interfaces. Our prefab components are designed to offer an amazing user experience. Create apps you’re truly proud to associate your brand with.
  3. Enterprise features and security:
    We work with global enterprise clients. We’re built to meet their feature requests, security, data transfer, reliability and integration needs. We offer a full suite of administrator tools as well as proactive customer service and support.


What we’re not

  1. We’re not a coding tool reserved for developers. Development tools like Xamarin and Xcode are extremely powerful but they come with a huge maintenance overhead as a developer (or a team of developers) will be required for all changes, updates and bug fixing.
  2. We’re not a pre-built off-the-shelf app. Pre-built apps are great if you only want to change a few things like text and colors. If you want to edit app features, structure or logic then you’ll need a prefab app builder (we also offer some beautiful templates to help you get started).


What are the key benefits of prefab apps?

  1. Save a huge amount of time by not creating and maintaining common ‘prefab’ app components (such as login-ins, mobile and desktop compatibility, app security, user analytics, encrypted data integrations etc). Fliplet apps are typically ready to pilot in under 4 weeks on mobile and desktop.
  2. The components are automatically maintained for you for new devices and operating system updates (eg, the apps are automatically updated when Apple brings out a new operating system, a phone screen with a notch in the top or a security patch).
  3. App creation and maintenance is much simpler and can be done by non-developers. This takes the pressure off IT and enables the business units to update and improve their own apps.
  4. The low resourcing requirements mean a business can create and maintain 10s or 100s of custom apps (eg, one per team, per key client or per marketing campaign)
  5. The prefab components evolve and new features are continually added as Fliplet is continually enhancing its platform. You don’t have to lift a finger to benefit from these new features.
  6. The friction to creating apps is so low that new business use cases become viable and the ability to prototype and innovate is greatly increased. Apps can be created for specific clients or for events in less than a week
  7. Prefab apps have fewer bugs and are more scalable as they’ve been stress tested by hundreds of other users already.
  8. The speed of digital transformation is hugely accelerated. App projects are reduced from years to weeks. Teams get the tools they’ve been asking for faster. Operations become more efficient.
  9. IT teams can still extend the platform with custom code and retain control over app publishing, privacy and security.

How is Fliplet used by its clients?

Customers often approach Fliplet to create a single app but end up creating multiple apps once they realise how easy the platform is to use. Prior to using Fliplet many clients assume it simply isn’t possible to create more than a couple of apps for their business. The effort and cost required is just too high. In comparison some of Fliplet's clients have been able to create 20 apps in a year. Digital transformation sweeps across the business. New use cases become viable as apps can be created per team, per key client, per product or per marketing campaign.

How is Fliplet used by IT teams?

IT teams use Fliplet to create apps in a scalable way. Prior to Fliplet they were often forced to turn down app ideas due to resource constraints. Building a couple of apps a year would be a challenge. Creating five would often be unthinkable.

With Fliplet, IT teams are able to keep control over what’s important to them - app release sign-off, user access and data security. The content, features and design can be created and maintained by the business owner. They’re often the ultimate user so getting them actively involved in creation and maintenance gives the app the greatest chance of success.

How is Fliplet used by business lines and non-developers?

Business lines use Fliplet to create highly tailored apps without expensive developer resources. The friction to app creation is so low they can create an app per team, per event or even per key client. The ability to maintain app features and content without code means they can adapt their apps to meet fast changing business needs without swamping IT with development requests.

What apps are built on Fliplet?

Fliplet apps are created for a wide variety of use cases. However, we most commonly see apps being created by Marketing, Sales and IT teams as these are the teams usually delivering digital solutions. Approximately half the apps created on Fliplet are internal apps for employees. The other half are external facing for customers and clients.

You can see a few examples of how Fliplet has been used in our App Gallery here.

Does Fliplet have the features I need for my app?

The answer is very likely to be yes. We have thousands of users so we’ve probably seen something similar to your app use case before. But if you’d like to be certain please get in touch by emailing or you can view our App Gallery here.

If we don’t have the exact feature you’d like then it’s always possible to extend the Fliplet platform to add the feature in. You can do this yourself with Javascript if you wish or you can ask us to help you. Either way the additional code is only likely to be a very small portion of the app.

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Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"I love the fact that fliplet offers a code-free option as well as pro/developer options. The team is absolutely fantastic and will help with any & everything within 24 hours. It’s easy to use for building enterprise mobile and web applications. The fact that I could automatically deliver modifications and updates to the app as I was building it is one of the best features for me (none of the, “once you’re done you’re done you can’t edit” pressure)."

Executive sponsor, Legal Practice

Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"So easy...yet so powerful. We have used Fliplet to build an internal communications tool. This tool allows our entire organization of almost 200 spread across the globe to easily communicate and share information. Fliplet allows us to quickly post and update content."

Ken C, Consumer Goods Company

Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"Fliplet allowed us to implement the mobile component of our Integrated Risk Management application with out the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on development."

Tony W, Staffing and Recruiting

Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"Easy to use for building enterprise mobile and web applications. Drag and drop app builder, with straight-forward functionality configuration [...] used for creating event/ training apps to support individual and group learning objectives, with all the app creation done by people outside of the IT organisation."

Andrew P, Legal Practice

Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"Game changer for app delivery. We needed an agile app platform with a rapid delivery mentality."

Jerry J, Legal Practice

Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review Fliplet 5 star review

"The support provided by the Fliplet team is extremely helpful, and they are always on hand to provide support where needed. From someone with no technical background in apps/programming, I find this software straightforward."

Lily J, Financial Services