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“Building Apps using Fliplet is not only simple but it is also very cost-effective. The Fliplet studio makes it easy for someone with no coding experience to design fully functional apps ready to deploy in just hours”

Ken Capece, Manager, Patent Operations

Case Study: Colgate

Colgate’s Global Legal Organisation (GLO) has over 200 legal professionals in over 30 countries. Colgate aims to make networking easy, and this app has revolutionary ways to put information in the hands of its employees.


Colgate’s Global Legal Organisation (GLO) has over 200 professionals in over 30 countries. With such a spread out team Colgate wanted to improve communication and information sharing as well as strengthen their corporate culture. Colgate’s GLO Center App provided a convenient flexible, and powerful resource to assist employees working together globally.

“The GLO Center App has changed the way the Colgate legal team shares information and has become a vital tool to connect our legal teams across the world. Having the necessary information and contacts quickly available has made us more efficient and better able to manage many global legal issues.”

The Problem

A recurring problem within Colgate was the inability to find important legal information easily. The GLO’s current intranet and knowledge sharing tools were not user-friendly, were difficult to update, and were overloaded with out-of-date information. This problem was itself a product of the team’s reliance on the developers of the intranet to alter and update the very static app. They wanted a solution where they could update and alter the app themselves to meet their needs.

The participants also met with many empathizers who highlighted the significant need for a more connected network since finding the right information at Colgate was very much dependant on who you knew and your ability to use those relationships and network to get the information you needed.

The Solution

GLO held a Design Thinking Challenge internally as a way to identify business challenges and support innovative ideas.

The Design Thinking Challenge was a great success as it gave birth to the idea of a ‘GLO Center’ app – an easily accessible location where people could go that would direct them to the information they needed. This idea was inspired by the Apple in-store experience, where someone greets you as you walk in and directs you to the right specialist or a specific place within the store.

What makes their app a better alternative to their current intranet?

A ‘GLO Center App’ that connects people to the information they need in a few taps. Whether it be a certain colleague, important documents, instructions, directions or news. The app has replaced the Colgate team’s intranet system and increased team efficiency. As non-developers within the company can maintain the content easily, send updates immediately and find resources quickly, there is no longer a need to deal with heavy intranets that are full of outdated information.

The GLO Center app also integrates with Google Apps so that users can flexibly work across their existing applications and devices (both desktop and mobile). The app is tailorable to the team’s specific needs.

With Fliplet, they were able to create a bespoke, flexible resource which is beyond the capabilities of traditional intranets.


  • ‘Who’s Who Directory’ – Most popular!
  • Easily uploadable information and videos for micro-learning
  • Direct integration with existing Google Apps
  • Connecting employees to vital documents via the app and Google cloud
  • Profile editing feature – Users can update their own profiles
  • Social photo feed – Users can share updates from global meetings and events
  • Tailored pages to international teams
    “The fact that Fliplet allows you to create an unlimited number of Apps for one price makes it a no-brainer from a cost perspective for an organization that wants to communicate more effectively but doesn’t have a huge budget to invest.”


The GLO Center app has become a high functioning portal that quickly and easily connects employees to the right people and information.

This has improved day-to-day workflows, reduced time spent searching for information on the intranet, and keeps the team up to date with the latest news.


  • 80% repeat engagement among app users.
  • Over 12,000 screen views.
  • 200 employees using the app regularly
“Our Legal Team wants to spend their time and resources on protecting the Company…not building Apps…that is not what we normally do. Fliplet makes it easy and cost effective to build useful Apps that improve how we practice law.”