Manage all of your in-person events with our easy-to-setup Event template

Capture attendee information, offer enhanced functionality, and increase engagement even after your event.

Our Event template empowers organizations to:

  1. Say goodbye to printed event packs and move all information into an app
  2. Create enhanced event experiences for attendees including live polling, interactive floor plans, social features and notifications
  3. Engage with event attendees afterwards to carry on conversations and increase engagement rates

The Benefits

Provide all event information

Including venue, transportation and more

An enhanced event agenda

With session and speaker information

Attendee and speaker lists

Contact information, bios and more

Interactive floorplans

Explore the venue, find sessions, filter and more

Social features

Public discussion forums and chat functionality


Award attendees points for carrying out certain actions


Reach attendees with push or in-app notifications

Admin access

Manage and update the app from any device

The Features

Event registration

Provide users with a simple experience to register for an event and provide attendees with up to date event information.

Attendee and speaker lists

Attendees can view enhanced speaker profiles and see a list of other event attendees.


Event attendees are able to request meetings with exhibitors and manage their schedule within the app.

Personalized agendas

Attendees are provided with personalized agendas, based on the sessions they want to attend.

Session information

All information needed for sessions can be found in one place including speaker bios, floorplans and any materials required for the session.

Interactive floorplans

Filter by floor and time. Event attendees can also click a location to be taken to that session page.

Polling system

Allow speakers to control polling within the app and gather real-time answers that can be displayed live.


Introduce elements of gamification by awarding attendees points or achievements for using the app. The award for the attendee who left the most feedback goes to…

Social features

Open discussion forums for attendees to discuss topics prior to the event and chat functionality for carrying on conversations.

Event follow up

Follow up with attendees after the event to keep the conversation going.


Use push and in-app notifications to increase engagement by alerting attendees that a session is starting or that their feedback is required.

Admin management

Admins are able to manage all aspects of the event from within the app from managing communication settings to setting personalized agendas.

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