Quickly create apps for the whole business

Create, launch and maintain apps easily


Enterprise grade security, fully encrypted, SSO integration

Integrate easily

Connect databases & APIs. Secure apps with MDM

Distribute anywhere

Supports App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and web

Unlimited apps

Create and deploy as many apps as you like

Truly customisable

Change entire features not just text and images

Only code if you want

Non-technical users can build and maintain apps


Full usage tracking of all users, easy access to reports

Rapid app creation

Create apps in weeks not months. Innovate faster

How it works

Speed up development with a drag and drop interface…

…and add code if you want

The app solution for innovative global businesses

Relieve pressure on IT. Customize existing apps

Sales & Marketing

Event apps and calendar

Client referral

Sales enablement

Apps for key clients

Alumni engagement

Experience management

Proposal production

Regulatory announcements

Employee social advocacy

Thought leadership publishing

Interactive reports

Surveys and data collation

Sales pipeline management

Proposal calculators

Case study repository

Operations enhancement

Contract builder

Smart contract management

Project milestone tracking

Innovation management

Expertise based directory

Industry knowledge sharing

News alerts – by company, industry, regulator

Team communications

Client checks and KYC management

Conflicts management / ethics wall

Professional education and tracking

Regulatory compliance management

Industry discussion forums

Project chat channels

HR / IT / Finance

Corporate communications

Staff training

IT helpdesk

Employee performance reviews

Payroll tracking

IT procurement management

Revenue forecasting

Invoicing / payment tracking

Vacation booking and approval

Expense claim management

Emergency response coordination

Regulatory compliance confirmation

Employee onboarding / induction

IT system updates

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