Build education apps to engage students,
promote independent learning and improve productivity

Using Fliplet, create education apps to:

  • Enable self-assessment and independent learning
  • Create interactive learning materials
  • Facilitate distribution of news and materials
  • Support teaching staff

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Example education apps

legal apps

Teaching Apps
Create interactive teaching materials to engage students.

Self-Assessment Apps
Enable students to learn independently wherever they are.

Exam Apps
Test learners via mobile and instantly receive all their responses.

News Apps
Share internal news amongst staff and students via their mobile devices.

Customers include

Mars Sky Marriott  


  • No coding required. Anyone can create and maintain apps.
  • Instant app updates. Content can be updated instantly at any time.
  • Secure. Apps integrate with your organization’s existing mobile security systems.

Other features:

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Smartphone and tablet support
  • Apps work both online and offline
  • Capture data via surveys and quizzes
  • Include videos and galleries

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