Build financial services apps to generate leads, impress customers and share information

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Fliplet is an online app builder which allows you to create, launch and maintain mobile apps

Financial Services firms across the globe use Fliplet to:

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Give clients access to latest portfolio data

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Support field sales teams

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Enhance in-branch interactions for customers

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Centralize key market and BI information

Financial Services Apps

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Responsive image Field Sales Apps

Give field sales advisors access to up-to-date product or client information and rates.

Responsive imageCompliance Apps

Give instant access to the latest regulatory information and compliance training material.

Responsive imagePortfolio Management Apps

Ensure clients have access to the latest data on how their portfolio is performing.

Responsive imageReporting & BI Apps

Access at a glance key market and business intelligence from your mobile device.


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No coding required
Anyone can create and maintain apps.

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Instant app updates
Content can be updated instantly at any time.

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Multiple out-of-the-box security options and integrations

  • OS and Android apps
  • Smartphone and tablet support
  • Apps work both online and offline
  • Capture data via surveys and quizzes

How it Works

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Use the Fliplet Studio to put your app together using our pre-built templates and components and customize it with your brand

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Instantly share your app with colleagues via the Fliplet Viewer app on any Apple, Android or Windows 10 device

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Publish your app via all popular app stores and web or distribute internally with private enterprise app stores

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Make content updates instantly via Fliplet Studio. Leave all the technology and app store maintenance to us

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Fliplet is purchased by many different departments within law firms. Whether you’re in the marketing team, part of a sector or practise group, or in IT, you’ll be able to use Fliplet and get the most of it. Because you need to have NO knowledge of code whatsoever, you’ll be able to create apps from the outset. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping, copying and pasting.

This depends on how many users you have. Look at our pricing page to see our different license types and request a demo if you’d like to discuss how you can use Fliplet and receive a quote.

Yes! Fliplet has an API that enables it to connect with any other kind of software that also has an API (these days, that’s most of them!) – it’s easy to create quick integrations to the software and data sources you’re already using in your firm, like your CRM, your website’s CMS, timekeeping software, HR software (like recruitment solutions), finance software, due diligence solutions, matter tracking, extranets, collaboration platforms and more!

Very secure. Out of the box, you can use security features such as login and password protection, login via authorized email domains only, and secure portals. With a little customization, you will also be able to use single-sign-on (for example, to allow people internally to login to their apps with the same details they use for their Outlook) or to distribute your apps via an Enterprise Mobile Management platform, which most IT teams in law firms have.

Yes! Once your firm has Fliplet licenses, every internal department in the firm is allowed to use the system. Because of how our pricing works, you can create unlimited apps for unlimited uses and won’t incur extra charges. Go to Fliplet Studio now.