Share ideas and collaborate effectively with the Innovation Management Solution

An effective way to capture, structure and manage employee insights


The challenge

Growing competition across all industries adds pressure to generate new ideas and constantly innovate. Many organizations have a slow, unstructured and very manual process to collect ideas from their employees.

The Innovation Management Solution can support an organization in effectively collecting ideas and valuable insights that often don’t come up during the normal course of work.

The solution enhances this process of innovation by providing an easy to use platform that enables employees to share their ideas and in turn, help organizations strengthen their quality of service or product while often reducing costs.

The Solution

Innovation starts with an idea. Often these ideas are right under our nose, living in the minds of the people within our organisation, who understand the problems and opportunities because they live them everyday.

Our Innovation Management Solution:

  1. Enables the creation of innovation challenges, providing the framework to collect ideas from employees or customers
  2. Facilitates engagement with submitted ideas and inspiration to submit new ideas
  3. Includes an enhanced feedback system to gather insights from stakeholders
  4. Improves employee morale and aligns their focus to the business’ values and strategic goals
  5. Improves productivity by highlighting urgent ideas that could increase cost efficiency
Innovation Management Solution template

The Benefits

Anywhere, anytime

Mobile-first solution that allows instant access to the platform to share ideas

Increase productivity

Allowing teams to communicate and collaborate in one place

Increase engagement

Transparent access to ideas from different employees will encourage participation

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead by implementing both disruptive and focused innovation ideas before others

Reduce cost

Innovative ideas can include many time and cost saving initiatives

The Features


Configured to meet your company’s goals, workflows, business culture and values, the solution is easily customizable to offer the functionality that your organization needs


Challenges for idea collection

Create a competition to encourage idea submissions. Challenges can be set for a particular topic or use case



Idea submission

Provides a simple and intuitive process for idea submission. Users can choose whether to have their names visible or hidden


Manage ideas

Easily like, comment, bookmark and share ideas, search and filter ideas, sort ideas by number of likes or date, and view the status of each idea


Review ideas

Admins can review ideas from within the app, which sends the information back to the user who submitted it.



Users can subscribe to different ideas or categories to receive update notifications. Additionally, receive notifications when their idea has had engagement through likes or comments, and when it has been reviewed



The login process for staff can be managed seamlessly with Single Sign-on (SSO) enabled


Measure and optimize

Track app usage and user engagement through data analytics. Make informed decisions to optimize and continually improve



How does it work?

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