Integrate your Fliplet Apps with HighQ

Dan Pryor from Engineer.Legal, a Fliplet Partner, demonstrates how to integrate Fliplet with HighQ to pass information from Fliplet into a HighQ iSheet using Microsoft Logic Apps to synchronize the data between the two platforms.

Embed your Fliplet apps into your HighQ portal

Offer your clients a suite of custom solutions, all available within your existing HighQ account

Common Fliplet apps embedded into HighQ include

  • Directory of lawyers associated with your client
  • Reference guides
  • Decision trees and benchmarking
  • Legal tools such as interactive maps and graphics
  • Surveys and feedback

Connect Your Apps with Third Party Databases

Connecting Fliplet apps with third party databases is a common request. There are three ways to pass information:

1. Use Fliplet's REST API

Fliplet offers a REST API publicly available that clients can use to upload or download data that is tightly integrated with Fliplet. You can find further information on our developer site

2. Use a third party’s REST API

Snippets of javascript can be run from within Fliplet apps (via the developer options) to connect to third party APIs. Fliplet clients have integrated Fliplet apps with Salesforce, box, Google Docs and many other custom REST APIs

3. Database/ODBC integration

Fliplet has a Data Integration Service (DIS) that can be installed by a client and connected to their database. It will then sync data with Fliplet automatically. This is the best option for contact data or company news that is already stored in a company database

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