Communications that truly reflect your business culture and needs

Fliplet apps are fully customizable. Get the features that you need to bring people together, with shared goals and values

Communicate better with remote employees

Built for mobile and desktop. Stay connected with messages, news, alerts, document sharing and more

Foster an inclusive culture with shared values

Praise employees for key successes, promote company values, give staff a voice in key decisions, give purpose to the work people are doing

Don’t flood people with low value messages

Focus on quality over quantity. Allow users to set interests and notification preferences. Make communication relevant and timely. Measure success with analytics

Benefit from employee creativity and feedback

Easily survey employees, encourage submission of innovative ideas, host discussions on key topics

Share knowledge and experience between staff

Avoid knowledge silos. Enable employees to build a searchable knowledge repository of recommendations, documents, CVs and case studies

Make employees your brand ambassadors

Amplify your marketing efforts, boost social media sharing, surface key press articles and documents to spread word of mouth

Contingency response tool

Mobile is the fastest way to reach employees in a crisis. Control and safeguard company communications by providing a trusted source of information

Improve the effectiveness of your internal comms

Data driven analytics to track screen views, popular posts, active users and tasks completed. Refine and optimize your messages and app features

Always available on any device

Online and offline. Mobile and desktop. Apple, Android or Windows. Fliplet apps work across all of them

Sync with existing databases

No need to duplicate databases. Fliplet can integrate with a huge variety of services. You can copy and paste from Excel or integrate via our Rest API or SQL integrations

Build more apps with Fliplet

Fliplet allows you to build unlimited business apps. See what others are building with Fliplet in our app gallery.

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"The ease of use of this product is fantastic, the only thing that trumps that is the support offered and account management. A creative and innovative product that helps us in our digital strategy."

Nathan W, Fliplet client.

"I would strongly recommend if you need to build apps, and want the flexibility to give everyone the chance to build them (both novice users and people who know code) - this is a great platform to cater for all!"

Industry Analyst / Tech Writer

"Bought to build a single app, but it's so easy that we had people from all over the organization requesting and building apps. We even converted our old PDFs into apps (much better looking and easier to use!)"

G2 Crowd User

"The support received from the entire Fliplet team (whether it is with app functionality or marketing your app) is exceptional and truly allows the user of the product the opportunity to focus on creating an engaging app."

App administrator, Fliplet Client

"Takes away so much of the pain in developing for multiple devices. Good drag and drop screen designs, simple build and deployment process, Android and IOS apps, all screen sizes and devices. "

Executive sponsor, Fliplet client

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Replacing the Intranet: How to use Apps for Internal Communications

Understand how to get started on using internal communications apps with Jamie Fricker, mobile expert and director at enterprise app platform Fliplet

About The Webinar

This webinar has now been broadcast but you can still watch the video

The Intranet was designed for a working environment centerd around the desk. This is no longer the case – businesses and their employees need to be mobile, able to work efficiently from anywhere. Being able to effectively communicate with all employees wherever they are via their mobile devices is an objective for most internal comms and HR teams but knowing where to start with apps is also a challenge.

The Webinar Covered:

  1. The advantages of using internal communications apps compared to the Intranet
  2. Getting started using apps for internal communications including development options, sharing & data security
  3. Practical demonstrations of how to structure effective apps for news-sharing, inductions, employee directories and document-sharing

internal communications apps

About The Speaker
Jamie Fricker

Jamie has been working in mobile for seven years and writes widely on app and enterprise mobility topics. He is currently part of the senior management team at Fliplet, an app development platform with the goal of making enterprise apps easier and more cost effective for companies to build and maintain. Since its launch in 2013, Jamie and the Fliplet team have helped companies including Mars, Marriott, Sky and Xerox with their app needs.


Apps for Internal Communications

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Discover how apps can change your company


See what our Internal Comms apps can do

Broadcast content, share news and send notifications instantly to colleagues’ devices. No app store updates needed- just log in to Fliplet Studio, add content and publish. Colleagues will see the changes in seconds without a disruption to their experience (if they have an internet connection).

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Know that feeling when you forget somebody’s name or suddenly need someone who speaks Dutch? Your colleagues do too. Our colleague directory is the tool for the job - export a spreadsheet of your Intranet directory or website team page and add as many other details as you want. Fliplet Studio automatically converts it into a filterable, searchable and portable colleague directory, photos and all.

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Already got an Intranet or other sources of content feeds? Integrate them with your apps in just a couple of clicks and you won’t need to duplicate effort.

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Send instant push notifications to everyone or to selected groups of users in your apps. Give users full control over the notifications they receive, by allowing them to subscribe to their interests.

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Publish engaging reports with our graphing feature - select from pies, bars or line charts. All you need to do is paste the data from a spreadsheet and select a style. Micro-animations ensure colleagues stay engaged with the data.

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Need a bit of instant collaboration on the go? Add chat and enable your users to talk to each other instantly: use emoji, share files and photos and more!

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An app marketplace for your employees - put all of your apps in one place and allow colleagues to download just what they need.

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How it Works

See how Fliplet Studio makes it dead simple to build Internal Comms mobile apps

Create your app easily on Fliplet Studio

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Distribute securely

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To protect your sensitive internal information, Fliplet offers many security options for your apps: login/password or passphrase authentication, fingerprint unlocking, SMS/email verification and more, all available out of the box.

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We integrate with most enterprise mobile device management (MDM) systems, so your apps can be managed and distributed securely through them and IT can rest easy.

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Fliplet is the only enterprise mobile app platform compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and our apps are even web-embeddable.

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Want your internal comms apps on the app stores for better findability? No problem. You can automatically publish your apps from Fliplet Studio to any of the popular app stores.

Try it for yourself!

Play with a sample Internal Comms app

“The Fliplet tool is so easy to use that we don’t even need any designers or developers”

Lisa Broom, Senior Marketing Manager, Sky

Trusted by
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Yes, Fliplet apps can be used instead of intranets as they contain all the usual features. However, if you already have an intranet you can use Fliplet apps as a complement to support specific campaigns, reports or teams – as an example. You can also use apps to mobilize some of your intranet’s features for easier access

As much as you like - You can add custom fonts, colors, logos, images and even spacing (if you like) to make sure the app reflects your company’s brand.

Easily! You can do so one of two ways -

1. Through your company’s mobile device management (MDM) platform (such as MobileIron, Zenwatch or Hexnode): If you already have this, Fliplet will enable you to download your app once it’s ready and quickly distribute it via your MDM.

2. When you sign up with Fliplet we’ll help you create your very own company portal. The portal can be accessed through any major app store and via browsers as well, ready for your colleagues to use via any of our secure login options.

Yes, all packages include Internal Comms templates and features, plus the capacity to create other types of apps for events, project management, training, sales, marketing and more.

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