Knight Frank Internal Communications App

Connecting staff through a bespoke mobile and web app.

One source for all communication

500 new business ideas shared in first year

Customer NPS improved by 58 points


Knight Frank is a real estate agency, residential and commercial property consultancy firm with over 18,000 employees globally in over 500 offices.

The Customer Experience (CX121) transformation program sits in the Residential Division. The department was looking for a solution to specifically address the employee engagement objective within the transformation program.


The Residential Division identified several areas of concern with the team’s existing internal communications system and processes. The team wanted to improve the following:

  • Engagement with employees
  • Formal recognition and awards for performance from peers and managers
  • Provide an easy way for staff to share their ideas for the business
  • Have a central place to share articles and reference material


"From the start we said, this is the behaviour we expect, this is going to be our central channel, we’re not going to be emailing this information, it’s going to be on the app. And we talk about it all the time."
Kat Draper
Knight Frank

In response to the clear communication requirements in the team, the Residential Division focused on building the Customer Experience app and continues to evolve it today.

The primary features of the app are:

  1. Two way conversation with staff to share ideas via a form submission
  2. Push notifications to highlight new content within the app
  3. Knowledge repository for shared articles, thought leadership pieces and case studies
  4. Easy process and promotion for recognition and awards, which are then tied back to a team value
  5. Regular engagement of senior headquarter staff by commenting or posting articles
  6. A pivotal link out to other online tools such as the chat community and intranet

The continued success of the app can be attributed to:

  1. Launching the program and app with some fanfare at an offsite launch event to ensure engagement from all staff
  2. Constantly asking for feedback from users through face to face engagement panels, idea sharing groups and leadership meetings
  3. Consistent buy-in from senior management, leading by example with comments, social liking and other active participation in the app
  4. Updating the app’s appearance regularly in line with promotional activity, seasonal campaigns and upcoming events


"Surprisingly, 99% of users use the app on a desktop and tablet"
Kat Draper
Knight Frank

The key benefits of the app for Knight Frank are:

  1. Headquarter staff and activities are now more visible to regional office staff, leading to increased interaction
  2. Residential staff have one place to go to for all communication and redirected from there if necessary
  3. Surfacing team values in the app ensures all staff are accountable for their contribution
  4. It is an easy way to launch and manage the administration for recognition and awards
  5. Over 500 new business ideas shared by colleagues in the first year
  6. 50% of the Residential department are active on the app each month
  7. Customer NPS (net promoter score) improved from -3 to +55 on post sale completion within 12 months
"The launch was an incredible experience. Incredible energy… If we hadn’t sat [the Residential team] down and showed them the buy-in from leadership, the need for change [and] how exciting it could be, I don’t think we would have gotten anywhere."
Kat Draper
Knight Frank

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