Citrix Worx Apps and Fliplet


Fliplet Viewer for Citrix Worx

Citrix XenMobile users can download Fliplet Viewer to preview and share apps whilst keeping data secure

Citrix and Fliplet

Fliplet has partnered with Citrix to make Fliplet Viewer available as a Citrix Worx app.

This means that Citrix XenMobile users are able to preview, test and share their enterprise apps using Fliplet Viewer. They also have the option of using Fliplet to create their own Citrix Worx apps to submit to their corporate app store.

What are Citrix Worx apps?

Citrix Worx is a feature of XenMobile, an enterprise mobile security platform that enables organisations to control and secure the mobile data within their organisation.

XenMobile also enables the deployment of Citrix Worx apps to support users’ business needs whilst ensuring corporate data remains secure.

How does Fliplet work with Citrix Worx?

Now that Fliplet Viewer is a Worx-enabled app it allows the IT team to retain control of a company’s secure data.

The benefit this integration brings to our non-technical users is that they will be free to create and share apps using Fliplet Viewer whilst still conforming to IT security procedures. If they later want to submit their complete apps to their organisation’s corporate app store then we will ensure that the apps are Worx-compliant.

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