Fliplet users can create apps and then securely share across their company using MobileIron either via the Fliplet Viewer app or by creating standalone apps.

MobileIron and Fliplet

Thanks to Fliplet’s partnership with MobileIron, users are now able to create and securely distribute mobile apps created with Fliplet across their business via their Apps@Work private enterprise app store.

What does MobileIron do?

MobileIron is an enterprise mobility solution that allows IT to secure and manage mobile devices, apps and content. This means that users can access their corporate data on a device of their choice without comprising security.

It also provides the option to segregate personal data from corporate data on the mobile device via the MobileIron AppConnect system. Once apps are wrapped with the AppConnect wrapper they become integrated into the secure container on the device. Each app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorised access and removable by IT.

How does Fliplet work with MobileIron?

Fliplet’s partnership with MobileIron means apps can be created with Fliplet without the need for coding and securely deployed within the business via the MobileIron Apps@Work enterprise app store.

This allows the IT team to retain control of corporate data even if contained with an app created with Fliplet and ensure that employee mobile devices remain secure.

The benefit this brings to our non-technical users is that they are free to create apps using Fliplet safe in the knowledge that they are conforming to IT security procedures.