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Fliplet Viewer for KNOX 2.0

KNOX 2.0 users can use Fliplet Viewer to preview apps whilst keeping data secure

Samsung KNOX and Fliplet

Fliplet has partnered with Samsung to make Fliplet Viewer available for Samsung KNOX 2.0 users.

This means that KNOX users are able to create apps using Fliplet and then preview, test and share their enterprise apps using a KNOX-secured version of Fliplet Viewer. They also have the option of submitting their apps created with Fliplet to the KNOX enterprise app store to share privately and securely within their company.

What is Samsung KNOX?

KNOX 2.0 is Samsung’s premium enterprise-grade security platform. It provides companies with the ability to add additional protection to devices being used in a business environment by segregating secure work data from the user’s personal apps and data.

How does Fliplet work with Samsung KNOX?

Thanks to our integration with Samsung KNOX technology, IT will be able to retain control of a company’s secure data even if it’s contained within an app created using Fliplet. As soon as KNOX is deactivated, access to all secure data within the apps created with Fliplet will be restricted on the device.

The benefit to our non-technical users is that they will be able to easily create apps using Fliplet and then quickly share apps using Fliplet Viewer whilst still conforming to IT security procedures. If they want to submit their complete apps to the KNOX enterprise app store then we will ensure that apps are KNOX-compliant.

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