Fliplet receives £500k seed investment to tackle booming enterprise app development market

Company helps businesses to create productivity-enhancing apps in less than one tenth of the time it takes to create a bespoke app, without any coding skills.

21st April 2015, London – Mobile app builder Fliplet has secured over £500k in seed funding to help it boost sales and marketing efforts in the UK, as enterprise spending on mobile apps takes off. The lead investor is Ben Wynne-Simmons, formerly of 3i and Barclays Private Equity who is joined by a strong set of investors from marketing, finance, media and IT backgrounds.

Launched in 2013, Fliplet allows people from a non-technical background to easily create and share their own apps securely, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes a designer to build a bespoke app. Today, Fliplet is primarily used by companies to produce internal business apps. Typically these apps drive productivity by supporting sales, reporting, training, marketing, lead capture and HR. Apps created using Fliplet are accessible on any mobile device. Existing customers include Marriott, Mars, Xerox and Sky, and the company counts Samsung, Citrix and AT&T among its partners.

According to research, in 2013 the business and productivity app market was worth $28 billion and is predicted to grow to $58 billion by 2016. Fliplet is going after the rapidly expanding enterprise app market that had over 5 billion downloads in 2014.

Add to that the fact that research shows an increase in productivity of up to 34% as a result of the use of enterprise apps and the business case is clear.

Ian Broom, CEO and Co-Founder of Fliplet said: “Enterprise apps are today where corporate websites were in the 1990s; seen as a nice-to-have, but not essential. But with smartphone use expected to hit 6 billion devices by 2020, businesses need to start paying attention to the shift in how their teams, customers and suppliers want to communicate and collaborate. Interestingly, 75% of the apps currently created with Fliplet are for internal use or limited distribution.

“Fliplet breaks down technology barriers, helping businesses to create apps that reduce cost or drive strong return on investment. Our goal is to democratise the production of apps so that anyone can do it, not just those who know how to code.”

Nick Francis, Director of the Digital & Mobile consultancy group at StrataPrime and former Global Head of Enterprise Mobility & Software Configuration at Barclays, said: “Mobile apps are often seen as disruptive technologies by many traditional enterprise IT departments. The requirement for them can stretch existing skill sets too far in the development phase and miss the required user experience and business proposition all together. The on-going maintenance costs of an app can also be prohibitively high as well.”

“Fliplet offers Mobile app solutions at a much lower price point helping speed up the development process or skip it all together so you not only get an almost immediate return on investment, but also greater control in creating the right apps to benefit your business.”

According to Ben Wynne-Simmons, investor: “Fliplet is offering an innovative product that is very much of its time. This is a team that is approaching the way people work with a ‘mobile first’ mentality, and with mobile-native millennials as the greatest incoming wave to the workforce the timing couldn’t be better. The best businesses are already equipping for this change and the others risk losing out if they don’t. Fliplet is also challenging conventional business models. It democratises development, allowing for innovation to bubble up from employees rapidly building multiple apps – charging per user rather than per app. It’s similar to powerpoint. The cost for businesses to trial multiple ideas quickly is low which makes it easy to adopt and to modify apps for changing needs. Together, this makes for a very compelling proposition for any business.”

Martin Woolley, Managing Director of The Specialist Works, a multinational marketing agency group, and a client of Fliplet, added: “Fliplet has helped us to use mobile faster than we can use the web and we don’t require technical skills. It’s helped us to reduce the time it takes our team to report by as much as 50% and transformed how quickly we can produce mobile apps.

“As mobile becomes the standard way the world accesses information we believe Fliplet is truly category defining and will disrupt the existing way mobile apps are built. Fliplet is already helping us and our clients to more effectively use mobile as a communication, new business and marketing channel.”


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About Fliplet

Fliplet was launched in 2013 and in the first year attracted clients including Sky and Marriott. During 2014 we grew our team and added Xerox, Mars and Bird & Bird to our client list as well as forming partnerships with leading brands in the mobile industry including Citrix, Samsung, Blackberry, AT&T and AirWatch. Fliplet makes it easy for anyone within an organization to create and share their own enterprise apps without coding skills. Apps created with Fliplet are used to mobilize key workflows including reporting, training, sales support and marketing. Find out more at www.fliplet.com.