Return to Office app and introducing ROMS

In collaboration with over 25 of our customers, the Return to Office (RtO) app template was created to support organizations in managing the return to the office after Covid-19 lockdown.

Given that ‘returning to office’ is only a temporary moment in time, we have continued to work with our customers to develop a hybrid approach for staff working remote and from the office in the future.

RtO will evolve into a solution for managing remote staff and office staff to become the Remote and Office Management Solution (ROMS).


The Benefits

Manage different location requirements


Enforce duty of care

Plays a critical role in caring for staff

Easy management of social distancing

Follow and monitor rules and regulations

Auditing and reporting

Adhere to any government or authority requirements

Rapidly understand staff location

Where people are and their work status

Decentralize office management and rules

Easy for management responsibility to be distributed

Transparent data collection and privacy

Clear details for how information is handled

Keep staff informed

See how the organization is managing with regular updates

The Features

Check-in and check-out

Monitor social distancing requirements and know when employees are in the office and where

Space/desk booking

Allows organizations to know where all employees are on any given work day, with full transparency on who is working from home and who is in the office

Covid-19 guidance and information

Keeping your organization updated is vital. With new guidance released daily, and your organization going through a period of change, clear communication is key


Set up alerts via SMS, email, push and in-app for registration, space/desk booking requests and latest news

People directory with work/health status

Gives organizations quick access to everyone’s contact details with health and daily work status including working from home or in the office, not working or on vacation

FAQ Forum

Employees can ask questions and use search to find previous answers

Integration with existing databases or systems

By integrating with your current systems such as Sharepoint, there is no need to duplicate information. Data within the app syncs with your databases, ensuring the most up-to-date information is always available

Secure access

The entire login process for staff can be managed seamlessly with Single Sign-on (SSO) enabled

Data capture for auditing purposes

Information is stored securely for reporting and auditing requirements including bookings and check-ins

Canteen or restaurant food ordering*

Ordering system with notifications to avoid overcrowding

Catering manager access*

Admin capabilities from within the app to edit products, canteen/restaurant information and process orders

*coming soon

Admin dashboard

Selected individuals including office managers have a full overview of the entire organization, from who is working remotely, to the space available in your offices

Rapid upload of content

Content such as the people directory and office list can be uploaded to the app through an excel file for rapid deployment. Content can then be easily managed within the app using the built-in Content Management System

Decentralized content management

Office facilities management staff and other user levels can update content within the app. For example, allowing HR users to view staff status and Facilities users to upload floor plans

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The future of the Return to Office app and introducing ROMS

Fliplet’s CEO Ian Broom discusses the most recent changes to the Return to Office (RtO) app and how it will evolve into the Remote & Office Management Solution (ROMS).

  • What customers love about RtO
  • Fliplet’s planned new features and upgrades
  • Fliplet’s post-pandemic vision for the RtO app
  • How to add new features into your existing RtO app

The video concludes with a Q&A.

How organizations are managing the return to the office

Fliplet CEO, Ian Broom is joined by Travers Smith Head of Legal Technology, Shawn Curran and Benesch CIO, Jerry Justice giving insight into how organizations are managing their return to the office. Talking points include:

  • Intended return to office plans
  • Differing rules for each office location and how the app manages this
  • Anticipated speed for the removal of restrictions
  • How technology will assist in the transition returning to the office

The video concludes with a Q&A.

How to rapidly customize and deploy the Return to Office app

This webinar covers the purpose, key features and benefits of the Return to office app as well as a step by step guide of how to rapidly customize and populate the app ready for deployment for your organization, including:

  • How to rapidly upload your own data via an Excel spreadsheet or database integration

  • How to edit data within the app using the built-in Content Management System
How to set user permissions in the app for different functions (HR, Facilities etc.) to allow for decentralized management

The video concludes with a Q&A.

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