Empower your employees to work better together


Increase employee productivity and internal communication such as directories, org charts, status updates, event information, and much more.

Organize, manage and engage with employees

Build an employee directory app that allows you to communicate with your staff at all levels. 

Find people in your organization

Our organizational chart is instantly updated and easy to browse on any device, in any region, at any time.

Learn more about your colleagues

From the chain of command to meeting agendas and reports, enter into meetings fully prepared.

Find office information

Make your travel a breeze with a guide at your fingertips with information like weather, parking, and floorplans.

Meeting rooms

See a list of available meeting/conference rooms per office, including capacity and the facilities provided.


Find and register for events across the board from training to social get-togethers, office meets, and more.

Contact your colleagues

One click takes you to email, phone, chat and other 3rd party platforms like Teams or Jabber to contact your colleagues.

Custom group lists

Streamline your communication and administration by creating custom lists of the people in your organization.

My status

Let your colleagues know what you need them to do by creating your own user status for sick leave, holidays, and more.

The challenge

The pandemic highlighted the need for an up to date, cross-device solution for reaching the entire organization. In the increasingly more hybrid world, employees need to be empowered to make decisions and communicate openly with peers. Having access to essential information about their team, company and projects is key to increasing day to day productivity and engagement. Although many organizations have staff directory systems on their intranet or in outlook, they usually offer limited information and features, and aren’t always easy to access or update.

The Solution



Our Directory Solution enables employees to quickly find key people in the organization, contact them or learn more about their hobbies and interests. It is packed with features that aim to increase productivity and communication such as directory, org chart, status updates, event information, meeting rooms and offices, and even an interactive floorplan to manage the return to office.

The Directory Solution also allows employees to:

  1. Have visibility over the company structure with an up to date organisation chart.
  2. Build stronger connections with colleagues by having easy access to their interests, experience, skills and more.
  3. Be more productive by enabling them to quickly browse through facility and meeting room availability and office locations.
  4. Collaborate efficiently by creating custom contact lists for projects, events, social activities.
  5. Create and update their user status, such as sick leave, holiday, maternity leave.

    The Benefits

    Increased productivity

    Easier access to staff, office and other company data means time & effort isn’t wasted on simple tasks.

    Enhanced communication

    Keep all users informed on the latest news with one-click notifications through email, push or sms.

    Sales enablement

    Employees have easier access to relevant staff details when providing proposals to customers.


    Better transparency

    Enforce a transparent culture by giving simple access to all employee information, org chart and office details.

    Reduce risk

    Improved data and status information will reduce staff being contacted incorrectly.

    Build relationships

    Enable your staff to build stronger relationships by adding personal information in their profile.

    The Features

    Search and filter contacts

    Search for people within your organization or if you are unsure who you’re looking for, filter down by department, titles, education, skills and more.

    Personal information

    Get to know your colleagues by adding option information such as pronouns, pronunciation, expertise, skills, languages spoken, recent projects, certifications, social media links.


    Office information

    Browse through the different office locations, check floorplans and stay informed on travel updates.


    Org chart

    Easy to update org chart that gives visibility over who reports to whom and how departments fit together.

    Departments and other groups

    Setup groups, including departments, committees, social clubs and project teams. Assign roles and hierarchy within those groups.


    Meeting rooms

    Check meeting room availability and stay on top of what facilities each room offers across different offices and locations.


    Browse through the available events and event details including the event dates and times. Admins can add events, locations, description and relevant links.

    Project management

    Create user lists based on projects and departments, simplify communication and easily notify users on different lists.



    Custom branding

    Easy to set-up and configure with custom design, branding and themes to ensure each app is unique.

    Admin features

    Easy setup and app management ensures the app is simple to maintain and minimizes the internal demand on your team. 

    User analytics

    Make sure you understand how your app performs by reviewing usage data and analyzing user behaviour.

    How does it work?

    Fliplet directory Solution demo

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