Why Mobile Apps?

3.3 hours per day

is the average time people spend on their mobile devices
according to comScore's 2016 Mobile App Report



is the average portion of time spent on apps (as opposed to browsers) when users are on their mobiles/tablets
according to an eMarketer report (2016)



is the portion of time people spend on work-related tasks on their mobile phones
according to the UK's Ofcom 2016 Communications Market Report


240 hours per year

is the time gained by employees when they're empowered by mobile devices
according to report from iPass (2010)


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The benefits of smartphones and tablets

It’s estimated that by 2021, 80% of the world’s population will be smartphone users.
So, what makes tablets and smartphones so popular?

They’re convenient

Smartphones fit in your back pocket and tablets will fit in most small bags - You can take them anywhere!

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They’re easy-to-use

You can contact people, browse the web, and use apps in one tap of the screen

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They have a long battery life

Smartphones and tablets can go for 10+ hours without charge, perfect when you’re on-the-go

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They are always connected

Smartphones and tablets connect you to your colleagues, customers and employees at anytime, anywhere.

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What impact has mobile had on enterprise in 2016?

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