Supercharge Virtual Events that keep audiences engaged and are easy to set up

Fliplet’s CEO Ian Broom discuss how to elevate your virtual event experience to maximize the involvement and interaction of the audience, whilst being easy to set up and manage. 

By watching this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Brief Fliplet overview 2:30
  • Introducing Fliplet’s virtual event app template 3:23
  • What can it be used for and why now? 3:32
  • How to meet demand for events 6:31
  • How will our solution help? 8:08
  • The goal of a virtual events platform 9:54
  • Building on our existing event app 10:50
  • Leveraging Fliplet Studio’s features 11:19
  • What are the virtual event features Fliplet is adding? 12:40
  • Video integrations 20:40
  • Themed sessions 23:13
  • Example virtual event app screens 24:30
  • Web & mobile mode 29:17
  • How to keep audiences engaged 34:07
  • How to quickly create an virtual event app 35:15
  • How to support users if they have technical issues 37:00
  • How to monitor users and measure the impact of your app 38:42
  • Q&A 41:26

The Virtual Events app template will be available in early 2021. Get in touch to find out more.