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How much flexibility and functionality does Fliplet offer? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Fliplet is both a no-code and low-code app builder. No-code means that anyone without technical expertise can still build powerful apps through simple drag and drop options. Low-code means that this can be extended yet further for those with technical expertise. This opens up the possibility of customizing and changing absolutely anything you would like.

Can I change the look and feel of each template? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Absolutely! We offer a range of very extensive appearance settings. These can be applied to individual features, or globally across the entire app.

What mobile devices do apps created with Fliplet work on? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Apps built in Fliplet Studio now run on:
- Apple iOS (8 and above)
- Google Android (4.1 and above)
- Microsoft Windows 10
- Web Browser – Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and other popular web browsers

How do I preview or test my app? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Within Fliplet Studio, our web-based app builder, there is a Preview option to see how your app looks. If you want to see exactly how it would look on your mobile device, we also offer Fliplet Viewer. This is an app that links with Fliplet Studio in near-real time, to make sure you are always testing the latest version of your app right on your own mobile device.

When I publish is it an actual native app? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of using Fliplet is that you can publish native mobile apps to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also publish web apps which work on any device, but native apps give your users the best experience.

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