Communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time

Stay in contact with your clients or employees anywhere in the world and enhance their experience. Improve your engagement, efficiency, and ROI with your customizable communication solution.

An all-in-one communication solution to meet all your needs

Access everything you need on one screen with over 50 preprogrammed screens such as discussion, directory, and chat screen. This template allows you to quickly and easily create apps for your needs.

Your enterprise social network

Access the app on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Send emails or push notifications. Users can comment, like, share and stay engaged.

    Keep your employees updated

    Structure your organization’s news and updates by centralizing communication and information.

    Share and collaborate

    Open discussion boards and forums allow users to interact with one another.


    Crisis Management

    Reach people in times of crisis or emergency and facilitate quick and efficient responses. 

    Communicate between staff, customers and groups

    With a single set of communication features, you can easily bring people together.

    Create a single knowledge hub quickly and easily

    Store all your content in a single location which can be analyzed and referenced using advanced search and filters.

    Mimic social networking in an enterprise setting

    Access the app on mobile, tablet or desktop. Send emails or push notifications. Users can comment, like, share and stay engaged.

    Structure your company news and updates

    Reduce the difficulty of communication across several platforms by centralising communication and information.

    Highly collaborative information sharing

    Open discussion boards and forums allow all users to interact with one another.

    Private and controlled technologies

    Meet your organizations security and privacy criteria that other technologies, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp, are unable to meet.

    Recognize hard work

    Encourage users to celebrate the success of other users in the app.


    Crisis Management

    Reach people in times of crisis or emergency. Be prepared for every scenario and facilitate quick and effective responses.


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    The key features you need.

    Built in hours, not weeks.

    Stay in contact with your staff from anywhere in the world in one communication solution. Access everything you need from one screen: newsfeed, staff directory, discussions, surveys and even in-app chat. Encourage real-time updates and stay on top of your game.

    Easy to set up

    Upload your existing content Indicator arrow for accordion.

    It’s easy to upload text and pictures from Word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs, files, images and webpages.

    Brand your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Make the app your own by quickly and easily customizing the app to fit with your brand’s logo, colours, fonts, and style. 


    Drag and drop Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Build customized apps that meet your needs and have all the functionality you require, without the need for any code.

    Optimize engagement

    Use on any device Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Create one app that works on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Fliplet apps are compatible across Apple and Android devices.

    Usage monitoring Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Monitor the length of time that users are spending on each screen and which content is most engaging.

    Share and control content

    Use feeds for news, events and other content Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Increase interaction and engagement through news, agendas and directories with features to like, bookmark, search and filter your content.

    Libraries for materials and documents Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Store materials and documents in one safe place to allow users to find what they need quickly and efficently. Use search and filter to find content.

    Advanced moderation capabilities Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Maintain high standards by reviewing content before and after its posted. Users can also flag content needing review to ensure appropiate communication standards.

    Drive engagement

    Polls and surveys Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Create polls and surveys to collect information. Export results into spreadsheets to analyse and generate leads.

    Gamification Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Improve engagement and interaction through awarding user points and badges. Continually improve user experience via analytics.

    User participation and recognition Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Enhance organization culture by encouraging users to submit nominations and positive feedback about colleagues.

    Live chat Indicator arrow for accordion.

    The chat feature is highly secure and supports one to one or group chats.

    Additional Fliplet Features

    No IT required

    There’s no need to install anything or learn to code. Data collection and processing is fully configurable and all our apps comply with GDPR, CCPA and cookie legislation.

    Highly secure and compliant

    Fliplet is fully compliant with ISO27001. All connections to Fliplet communicate via HTTPS with a 256 bit SHA certificate via SSL cryptographic protocol and data at rest in Fliplet’s production database is encrypted. See more. 

    Instant updates, easy maintenance

    You can easily republish updated versions of your app via Fliplet Studio. Fliplet handles updates and maintenance for you so that you can focus on your app’s content. Updates are sent over the air (OTA) and are automatically applied.


    Use personalized notifications to drive engagement and leads via your app, allow users to select from push, in-app, email, or SMS notifications. Send notifications to defined user groups and create reports.


    Help and support

    Need help? Got a question? We offer multiple support sources, depending on your price plan. These include live chat, phone support, email support, tutorial videos, and documentation.

    Integrate with existing systems

    Fliplet integrates with most common software and platforms including: Email marketing and CRMs (e.g. Salesforce), online video platforms (e.g. YouTube), RSS, Atom, Social media accounts and database integration.

    Our Awards

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    Scalable pricing to suit any organization

    Whether you're a start-up or global organization, we have a plan to meet your budget and requirements.


    How much flexibility and functionality does Fliplet offer? Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Fliplet is both a no-code and low-code app builder. No-code means that anyone without technical expertise can still build powerful apps through simple drag and drop options. Low-code means that this can be extended yet further for those with technical expertise. This opens up the possibility of customizing and changing absolutely anything you would like.

    Can I change the look and feel of each template? Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Absolutely! We offer a range of very extensive appearance settings. These can be applied to individual features, or globally across the entire app.

    What mobile devices do apps created with Fliplet work on? Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Apps built in Fliplet Studio now run on:
    - Apple iOS (8 and above)
    - Google Android (4.1 and above)
    - Microsoft Windows 10
    - Web Browser – Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and other popular web browsers

    How do I preview or test my app? Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Within Fliplet Studio, our web-based app builder, there is a Preview option to see how your app looks. If you want to see exactly how it would look on your mobile device, we also offer Fliplet Viewer. This is an app that links with Fliplet Studio in near-real time, to make sure you are always testing the latest version of your app right on your own mobile device.

    When I publish is it an actual native app? Indicator arrow for accordion.

    Yes! One of the biggest benefits of using Fliplet is that you can publish native mobile apps to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also publish web apps which work on any device, but native apps give your users the best experience.