Boost communication and collaboration within your firm using custom apps

How to keep your employees connected and aligned to your organizational goals

As more companies adopt hybrid and remote work models, effective, real-time communication will become critical for business survival. Optimizing internal engagement and productivity is key to providing employees with purpose, leadership, and guidance in times of change.

By watching this webinar you’ll discover:

  1. Importance of communication 2:42
  2. Impact of communication 4:28
  3. Main internal communication challenges 7:12
  4. How to improve your communication and collaboration ecosystem 10:48
  5. Transformative workplace technology 16:27
  6. Market trends 16:54
  7. Why people use mobile apps 19:04
  8. Benefits of apps to your firm 21:16
  9. Case studies 24:40
    1. The Remote and Office Management Solution (ROMS) 24:51
    2. Directory solution 28:43 Communications solution 31:32
    3. Reference tools 33:30
    4. Onboarding solution 35:45
  10. Success metrics for tracking interactions and measuring ROI 36:56
  11. Fliplet overview 39:05
  12. Q&A 40:32

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