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Use Fliplet to build an app for your business and share easily with your colleagues and customers with no programming required

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Build apps that increase sales, support customers and engage employees

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Rapidly produce impressive apps

Fliplet reinforces your brand guidelines to ensure your apps always look great regardless who produces them. Use our online tools to rapidly build apps for your business that include: text and images, video and audio, buttons and links, graphs and charts.

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Empowering everyone, no code required

Fliplet lets anyone in your organisation create apps. It enables HR managers to launch Health & Safety apps, salespeople to launch presentation apps and Finance to launch reporting apps. If your company has unique needs Fliplet can be extended to work with your existing systems.

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Security is a big deal

Fliplet can integrate with your existing mobile security and mobile device management solution. Fliplet can also be hosted within your company cloud or in a private secure cloud with companies like Rackspace, IBM or Microsoft Azure.

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Deploy apps in minutes not days

Apps can be deployed internally using our app store or via existing internal apps stores from companies like MobileIron, Airwatch, Good Technology and many more.

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