Build an app for your business in a matter of minutes

Use Fliplet to build an app for your business and share easily with your colleagues and customers – no programming required.

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The only app building platform your business will need


No IT required

  • Anyone can create apps – from the boss to the intern
  • Build apps in a few minutes and preview instantly on your device
  • Apps work automatically on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Designed for enterprise

  • Create unlimited apps for your team, department or whole business
  • Share apps easily with colleagues and customers
  • Enterprise-grade security and hosting

Highly customized apps

  • Build apps that reflect your corporate brand
  • Include bespoke features and designs
  • Connect apps to backend systems and databases

Create impressive apps for your employees and customers


“For two years we looked for the right solution. Then we found Fliplet.”

Angie Ferrara, Digital Marketing Manager

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