Build an app for your business in a matter of minutes

Use Fliplet to build an app for your business and share easily with your colleagues and customers – no programming required.

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Create impressive apps for your employees and customers

The only app building platform your business will need


No IT required

  • Anyone can create apps – from the boss to the intern
  • Build apps in a few minutes and preview instantly on your device
  • Apps work automatically on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Designed for enterprise

  • Create unlimited apps for your team, department or whole business
  • Share apps easily with colleagues and customers
  • Enterprise-grade security and hosting

Highly customized apps

  • Build apps that reflect your corporate brand
  • Include bespoke features and designs
  • Connect apps to backend systems and databases


“For two years we looked for the right solution. Then we found Fliplet.”

Angie Ferrara, Digital Marketing Manager

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