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Unlock your app’s potential with Fliplet integrations

Fliplet offers an extensive range of integrations, allowing you to connect your apps with a variety of other systems and data. Whether you need to access data from a database, automate tasks, or connect with popular apps, Fliplet provides the necessary tools.


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Connect your apps with Fliplet’s integrations

Fliplet lets you effortlessly link your apps to other tools and systems. With our integrations, you can combine the best of all your digital tools into one smooth experience. This means your Fliplet apps work hand-in-hand with what you already use, making everything more streamlined and efficient.

Start integrating your existing apps with Fliplet

Connect your apps with thousands of other popular apps. This integration can be used to automate tasks, such as sending emails, creating new records in a CRM system, or updating a database. Find out more.

Microsoft Custom Connector enables seamless connections and data flow between your Microsoft products and Fliplet apps facilitating smooth communication between them. Find out more.

Empower your attorneys with easy access to crucial Foundation data right on their mobile devices. Now, they can effortlessly retrieve information on matters, clients, attorneys, and staff, all at their fingertips. Find out more.

Increase productivity, streamline communication, and tailor your app solutions to your unique needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a more connected, efficient, and dynamic work environment. Find out more.

Fliplet provides a REST API that you can use to integrate your apps with other systems. This API allows you to access and manipulate data in your Fliplet apps, as well as control the behavior of your apps. Find out more.

Fliplet offers a data integration service that you can use to synchronize data between your Fliplet apps and other systems. This service can be used to keep your data up-to-date and to automate tasks that require access to data from multiple systems. Find out more.

Key features

In addition to these integrations, Fliplet also offers a number of other features that make it easy to integrate your apps with other systems. These features include:

Custom code

You can write custom code in your Fliplet apps to integrate with other systems. This code can be used to access data, control the behavior of your apps, and automate tasks.


Fliplet provides a number of hooks that you can use to integrate your apps with other systems. These hooks allow you to intercept events in your apps and take custom actions.


Fliplet offers a number of templates that you can use to create your apps. These templates include pre-built integrations with popular systems, such as Salesforce, Google Sheets, and MailChimp.

The benefits of Fliplet’s integrations

Integrate with your existing systems

Seamlessly connect and combine Fliplet with your current digital infrastructure, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Increased productivity

Boost efficiency by centralizing tools and reducing the time spent switching between systems, allowing teams to achieve more in less time.

Accessible on all devices

Experience the full potential of your apps on any platform, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Access anywhere

Stay informed and connected, even on the go. With offline access, vital information within your app is always at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

Enhanced collaboration

Foster improved teamwork by allowing seamless data sharing and real-time updates across all integrated platforms.

Real-time data syncing

Guarantee data accuracy and consistency across different systems. With integrated tools, your data updates and syncs immediately.

Some examples of what you can integrate with via Zapier

“We needed an app on a portable device to support physicians, clinical teams, and to aid in patient care. And that’s really where Fliplet came in.”

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Find out more

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar on our integrations. Keep an eye out on our events page for more information.

Step-by-step Guide

Enhance your organization’s operations with Fliplets integrations. Increase productivity, spark communication, and customize applications to match your specific requirements. 

Enhance your organization’s operations with Fliplet’s integrations. Increase productivity, spark communication, and customize applications to match your specific requirements. 

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