Why choose Fliplet?

Because of the flexibility, the ease of use, the proven use cases, the support for teams, the security and the cost advantage.


Ease of use of no-code tools with the flexibility to include low code if you want. The chances are we’ve already built 90% of your app for you.

User Experience

Our templates are designed to offer an amazing user experience, from the design, to easy access, push notifications and more.

Enterprise features and security

We offer feature requests, security, data transfer, reliability and integration needs, a full suite of administrative tools as well as proactive customer service and support.

How do organizations use Fliplet?

Organizations use Fliplet to create highly tailored apps for their teams without expensive developer resources.

Very often, customers approach Fliplet to create a single app but once they realize how easy the platform is to use, they end up creating multiple apps.

In the meantime, IT teams are able to keep control over what’s important to them – app release sign-off, user access and data security.

What can you build?

You build almost everything you can imagine. We most commonly see apps being created by Marketing, Training, Sales and IT teams as these are the teams usually delivering digital solutions.

Approximately half the apps created on Fliplet are internal apps for employees. The other half are external facing for customers and clients.

Why Fliplet?

Because Fliplet is the best cost per value platform you can get to develop your own app for your organization needs.

Organizations app builder

Developer tools

eg. Xamarin, Outsystems, Mendix

Simple app builders

eg. Power Apps, BiznessApps, Appypie

App quality

High quality professional apps with a wide range of features, designs and interfaces

High quality professional apps with a wide range of features, designs and interfaces

Limited features and designs sometimes leading to user frustration

Who can create apps?

Non-technical / Semi-technical

Software Developer / Technical

Non-technical / Semi-technical

IT resource required

Signoff and governance

App development team

Minor signoff


Highly customizable

Highly customizable

Limited customization of features

Security features available

Full. Suitable for enterprise
Meets all internal or public app security standards

Full. Suitable for enterprise
Some security may be available out of the box, others will need to be implemented

Many simple app builders do not meet enterprise grade security requirements

Cost base

Fixed fee per year for individual or unlimited apps

Salary of developer resource plus software cost

Priced per app per platform but often increases steeply for multiple apps

Maintaining cost

Non-technical staff required

Generally require technical staff for updates and feature changes

Non-technical staff required

Globally Awarded

The leading low-code/no-code platform for 2022

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